Thought of here,He also said with a serious face:“What if we deal with those guys??Like what do they have,We also directly destroy。”
“Do you have any idea?Let’s talk about collecting people’s situations,That’s also a foreign matter,Unless it broke out abroad,Otherwise, our country doesn’t participate in these。”
After all, they committed crimes abroad,This place doesn’t care about those things。
Don’t say anything,Even cross-regional matters,That will be handled locally,I won’t go to another place so much。
Because of power and responsibility,What Qin Feng wants to do now,That may not be possible。
“Are there any enemies in those companies?I’m talking about the kind of pinch。”What Qin Feng needs is this,If there is such an enemy,Many things are much better。
He just shook his head and said:“I’m not so clear about these things,This needs to be understood slowly。”
Qin Feng is also very upset,Because of this,His affairs are endless。
“What those guys have been looking for is only some local things,If our side is already open,Then it doesn’t matter even if the company behind us is destroyed。”
Because as long as everything in Qingshui Village is profitable,,But this also requires another situation,That is to completely spin off the company,So as not to be harmed。
Jiang Tianguang said with a serious face,He also knows that Qin Feng has many methods,But he knows better:“And I told you directly。”
Just like the method you used before,Waiting for these vegetables to cool,There is no way to use such things outside,You see what i mean?
“what?”Qin Feng said with some doubts:“Is there anything wrong with this natural reaction??”
“At that time, we all had become giants,In this situation,Do you think anything else is appropriate?”