Father was beaten and seriously injured,Was wronged by the tribe,Died in depression in less than half a year,And Zhu Xiaoguang’s family was also taken away because of the coal mine,Exhausted,Fall in the family。
Father’s unjust death,It’s a poisonous thorn in Zhu Xiaoguang’s heart,He dreams of stepping on the Zhu family,Ask for justice for father。
It’s a pity that he is just an ordinary boy,In addition to reading and studying,Without any power,Can’t even enter the gate of Zhu’s house,Until he is402I met Lu Menglin in the dormitory,The trajectory of a lifetime has just begun to change,Finally returned to the gate of Zhu’s house。
And today,Zhu Xiaoguang will be supported by his friends,Smash the sky,Havoc,To clean up the stigma for the dead father,Shen Yu Zhaoxue。
Chapter VIII Rich and Enemy Country
“You guys,Is there an invitation??”A tall young man in a black suit,Politely stopped in front of Zhu Xiaoguang,Said politely。
Zhu Xiaoguang was taken aback,Looking at this man of his own age,A guilty conscience for no reason。
“Sorry,The Zhu Family Mansion is hosting a birthday party,Without invitation,Please put the birthday gift in the concierge and you can leave。”The black suit keeps a smile,Said。
Zhu Xiaoguang’s eyes are gloomy,Shook his head,Tao:“we are not”
He hasn’t finished speaking yet,Suddenly someone strode up nearby,Loudly:“what?You are Chen Jiannan?Hong Kong Island South Brother?”
The person who interrupted Zhu Xiaoguang was a burly man,Wearing a neat high-end suit,Big eyebrows,The gestures are quite a bit of a magnate。
This person comes out,Immediately attracted the attention of many people,Because of his unreliable aura,It’s so grand。
Chen Jiannan was also slightly taken aback,I can’t help but raise my brows,He didn’t expect to be on such a broken mountain in Jincheng,Some people actually recognize him。
“Who are you?”Chen Jiannan deserves to be Hong Kong Brother,No change in color,Half step forward,Raised his head and asked。