The development of science and technology has different times, and it is most consumer in the consumer electronics market. The continuous shortage of electronic products iterative cycles make market competition gradually evolved into new technology competition, accounting for a technological advantage to occupy a charm in competition.

As a company specializing in high performance, high-quality digital model mixed chip design, Shenzhen Yingji Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as British Core) revolves around power management chip, fast charge protocol chip integration, high efficiency and low power consumption, digitization , Intelligent and other development trends, independent research and development of multiple core technologies, achieving efficient transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and winning the market. The downstream application field of the British core products is very broad, and the power management chip and fast charge protocol chip in which it develops is widely used in mobile power, fast charge adapters, wireless charger, car charger, TWS headset charging bin and other products. The chip product of the British core has high integration, high-customization degree, cost-effective, low alternative characteristics, can shorten customer finished program research and development cycle, simplify customer product production process, improve product yield and reliability, thus Help our customers optimize costs and meet diverse needs. The demand for consumer demand in the downstream market in the consumer electronics field, and the combined core products need to be upgraded according to the downstream demand.

The mobile power chip in the power management chip is the highest-than-year, the British core begins in 2015. Every year, a new generation of mobile power chips are launched. With the charging power of the smartphone, the mobile power chip of the British core is also The quick iteration, the power is gradually improved, the integration is increasing, and the supported protocols and functions that can be implemented are increasing.

As of December 31, 2020, the British core launched the latest generation of chips that support 65WPD charge and discharge, and support wireless fast charge, support PD, VOOC, / and other protocols, built-in digital tube driver support digital display Function. The fast iteration of the British core is deeply related to maintaining the technology advantage is the key to the company’s competitive status. From 2018 to 2020, the investment in British core research and development is 3, 10,000 yuan, 4, 10,000 yuan, 5, 10,000 yuan. The company’s R & D costs is higher than that of the same industry than the company. Sustained R & D investment is an important support for ensuring the future sustainable development. At present, the British core has 38 invention patents, 30 utility model patents, 11 computer software copyrights, and 103 integrated circuit layout design proprietary rights.

The British Core Keeping Technical Update and Its Iteration of Terminal Products has contributed to efficient conversion of the company’s scientific and technological achievements. From 2018 to 2020, the company’s operating income is 21, 10,000 yuan, 34, 10,000 yuan, 38, million, and the composite growth rate is%; after deducting non-recurring profit and loss, the net profit belongs to the shareholder of the mother company is 3 10,000 yuan, 6, 10,000 yuan, 6, 10,000 yuan, the year composite growth rate is%. From January to June 2021, the company’s main business income reached 35 and 10,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of up to date, maintained a strong development momentum.

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