One Li Lingwei is a special year this year, but the activities of Olympic Day will still be launched.

The Chinese Olympic Committee actively responded to the International Olympic Committee, and we will pass through the form of the cloud, let the public can participate more broadly. Such activity will be more active, more interactive, and longer last time. Ru Xi Xiying’s opportunity to participate in Olympic practice activities may be blocked, but through this year, this year, the core value of the Olympics and the cognitive understanding of Olympic thinking is actually very good.

This will let us further understand the core values ??of the Olympics, as well as some of the ideas to advocate the Olympics. Xue Yuan is indeed a very special year this year, and sports are basically in a state of stopping.

At this time, I see the Olympic Day. I think there is still a special meaning. Maybe life is now changed by the epidemic, but sports have not left our lives, and Olympic should have not left our lives.

Er Li Lingwei’s Olympic Games, no matter which country and region, it will integrate local cultural elements. Many cultural and philosophy can hold a Olympic Games, as well as some integrated and single sports associations to share with the world.

I think the Olympics is not a simple competitive sports show platform, and it is a cultural exchange platform and a platform to show China to the world. Ru Xi Xiying’s cultural connotation is not seen, can’t touch, need an external display form.

The Olympic Games and other large sports events are the biggest difference, but it is more than just a sports, cultural, education, and art combined with a holiday celebration together.

We can show China’s five thousand excellent cultural demonstrations through visual, audible form.

Three Li Lingwei really let everyone participate in sports, feel the Olympic movement is throughout the year, regardless of men and women, and there is no region. In the past, you may appreciate sports, and now it is not simple appreciation, you can learn from middle school to some professional skills and tenacious spirit through the professional competition, so that you can better participate in physical exercise.

Ru Xiuxi is now in the world of young people, and the International Olympic Committee has opened an education plan for Olympic values ??since 2005, hoping to use competitive sports and physical activities to make more young people. If our teenagers are involved in sports, this is itself the essence of the Olympic movement.

Xue Yuan promotes youth’s health through sports, so that they have developed a good habit, which is very necessary to grow in the future.

From the 2008 Summer Olympics to the 2022 Winter Olympics, we let China billion teen a better informed of the Olympic movement, and in turn to perceive the Cultural and values ??of the Olympics, the activities of many Olympic and adolescents are done.

Four Li Lingwei have their own spirit, and the spirit of sports contains a lot, but more important is to explore the spirit of fair competition. In any of the competitive sports, fair competition is to be equal in front of rules, how to respect the rules, opponents and referees, how to make adolescents face victory and fail, this is an intrinsic spirit.