After confirmation,Yu Zhe naturally handed out the bank card and wanted to pay,But this time I was held down by Shi Mu Luo。
“Let me pay by myself this time~”Shi Mu Luo smiled and looked at Yu Zhe,Turning around and elegantly took out her own bank card from her wallet,Hand it to the counter girl。
“Let’s go back,If it’s later,I’m afraid I’m going to be talked about by Ma Lin again。”Took over the bag with the watch,Shi Muluo http://www.mtxwifi.cnis holding Yu Zhe,Said to him。
“Ok,OK。”Yu Zhe nodded and walked out as time went by,Look back secretly,I found that the two policemen were still behind,Really persistent。
On the square outside the mall,Countless little couples holding hands,In front of the huge European fountain,Against the backdrop of urban neon,The atmosphere becomes extremely romantic。
“Yu Zhe。”Shi Mu Luo suddenly stopped in front of the fountain,I gently grabbed Yu Zhe,Holding his arms,Make him turn around and face her。
“You are……”Yu Zhe hasn’t had time to speak,Shi Muluo put a finger on her lips,I had to shut my mouth quietly。
“Thank you Mr. Yu Zhe for shopping with me today~”Shi Muluo held Yu Zhe’s hands with both hands,Face to face,Sweet laugh。
“This……It’s nothing。”Yu Zhe couldn’t guess what Shi Muluo wanted to do,Become more at a loss。
“Then as a gift… …”Shi Mu Luo carefully took out the watch he just bought from the box,Pulling Yu Zhe’s hand,Gently brought him up,after that,Satisfied with holding his hand and looking again,“how about it,Like it?”
“But this……”
Shi Muluo’s eyes are really good,That watch looks very suitable and beautiful in Yu Zhe’s hands,But Yu Zhe also knows the value of that watch,This is much more expensive than what he bought for Shi Mu Luo today。
Talking,Yu Zhe wanted to return the watch to Shi Muluo,But she held her hand firmly,Somewhat hard to break free。