Tian Wa kept frowning when she saw Wang Youcai and did not speak,So I said embarrassedly:“If it’s difficult, then forget it,When we go to the city,Try to put it in the daytime,The problem shouldn’t be too big“
Wang Youcai waved his hand and said:“You go back!Let me think about it,I’ll tell you when I think about it“
Tian Wa responded,He opened the door and left gently。Wang Youcai lying in bed,Suddenly a bold idea popped up in my mind。This Lan Ling is from the south,There should be no shortage of people on hand,If they really work together,If all the major entertainment venues in Pingdu are monopolized by them,That’s a lot of income。
This world,Rich is the Lord,If you don’t get a handful from Wang Youdao,Wait for him to step down,Or transferred to another place,That shouldn’t be a sentence“Right not to use,invalid if expired“Does it make sense?
The more Wang Youcai thinks about it, the more he can’t sleep,This is a great opportunity!He can do it as he is now,Then secretly support Lan Ling,What really happened,He can still retreat。We need to negotiate with Lan Ling。Wang Youcai is not a fool,He knew there was someone else behind Lan Ling。
I thought about it all night,Early next morning,He called Tian Wa in:“You arranged it quickly,Go to town with me“
Tian Wa froze for a while,And said repeatedly:“Good good!”People have run away like rabbits。
It’s not noon,Wang Youcai and Tian Baby have appeared in Pingdu。He lowered his voice and said to Tian Wa:“Hurry up and invite any of your comrades in arms,The salary is 500 lower than yours,You should understand this truth。Call me when you get to Pingdu“
“Good boss,But you have to be careful,This small flat city doesn’t look great on the surface,Not simple in nature“Before Tian Wa got off the car,I said this to Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“It’s nothing,Don’t worry,There won’t be many storms“
Wait for Tian Wa to leave,Wang Youcai originally planned to go directly to Lan Ling’s house,Can think again。Feel wrong again,She is a woman from the wind after all,If there are individual men in the family,How upset everyone meeting,So he thought about it,Took out the phone,Called Lan Ling。