For example, the thief is touched.,What is the protection fee?,Also often do some broken things like women and children。
Yang Wei seeed at a glance,Slimabin“beggar”,Founded is the Peppermia pretended to the North City,It is estimated that you want to extort。
Although this kind of thing is very unusual,But never didn’t have happened。
For example, Duan Yao’s foreign mother segment filial piety is just from Jin Yang to Yucheng.,It is robbed by Qingbei City.。
Those ones“beggar”Be around high,Ask for money,Just started,However, when you are waiting for the money bag,“beggar”We started to grab it.。
“What are you doing!”
Yang Yu, hurriedly ran off the car,I don’t know why you are around.,There is no guard at all,He probably didn’t think of public security in Nancheng,Actually, I will encounter such a ghost.。
Lead one’s one“beggar”I looked back at Yang Wei.,Dew a panic look,I don’t pay attention to everyone.,Touch a strip from the waist。
Then I went to the high-end abdomen.!
This is not only the expectation of the high and Yang Yu.,Even him“Accompany”,It seems that it is not only。They are worthy of money,Just to loot,Meet small money flower。
Who thinks that someone will take a knife?!
邺 邺 城 青皮,There is also your own way of survival in weekdays.,They can not hurt people,That will not kill people,Up to people disaster,Make the object you want to clean up,Or hit a thing。
Come out,This is not good.。
“You are crazy!”
Some people in the green skin grate the leader,Hysterical roar。At this time, the high 浟 has fallen in the bloody,Unpaid personnel,Yang Hao has been scared,Standing in the ground。
“I bother,This is not given up.,Live。go,Go to the country to hide。”
Snake the knife, the man spits the mouth,Run the knife,Almost a panic。Other green skin is also scattered,When Yang Wei is passing by Yang Wei,I have never seen him.。
“Bad thing!”
Yang Wei woke up from the lag,Calling directly to the car,Directly go to the family of Xu Changzhi, a coma.。However,When he sent people to Xu Tai doctor,Gao Yu is cool.。
In the same day, it was appointed as the Huainan Baitai.,He was by a group“乞丐”When the street kills,This is shocked in the field,It is even more like a slap in Gyeonggi, Gogao.。
This is the mainstay,Even the gods of the army dispatched participation in arrest murderer,Almost use the South City、邺 邺 城,There is also a hidden city that is being built.。
To say harvest,Can’t say no,That is, these green skin is not caught.,Then be witnessed,That is, Zauxian。
However,These people are all words,Saying people who plan to rob,That is the person of the knife,The rest of them don’t know!
This case,Gao Bao must send people five or six times to ask for a day.,Dali, the big man, the big blessings, blessings。He also knows why Gao Bo is angry。
Standing in Gao Baoyi,As long as it is anger.。Morning time,Gao Baoyi proposed to let high spirits went to Huainan Yangzhou to defend,The result is on the afternoon.。
This Nima can bear!This doesn’t make it, don’t you let Gao Boyi??
Many people speculate,Most of the motive,It is Zhao-gun Li’s with Buling Cui and their attractions.,Because these two interests in Huainan have the greatest。
However, others are also very suspicious.,Even Yang Hao at the scene,Have a very suspicious。
The case is confusing,Palace:Three days later,Discussing the people’s choice of Huainan。As for the gods of the street,Belong to things that are not coherent,Dedicated to the Dali Tema Bell。