“it is good!Our work in Xiping Village has achieved a segmental victory,Today, Chen Erniu and Song Fang are responsible for the inspection of the installation of tap water in the village,Every household must install a water meter,As for whether to charge or not,I’ll talk about it after going down to the village,Otherwise some people will waste water,No amount of water can withstand fuss”Xia Jian stopped for a while,Seeing that everyone has no opinion。
Then went on to say:“Greenhouse planting,Now is the top priority of our village,This matter is caught by Zhao Hong,Xia Sanhu assisted,Must be at the end of this year,Get the most benefit,Song Fang and Mo Yan will also participate in the management of the greenhouse,Zhao Hong will allocate this matter”
“Oh!Worker in the greenhouse,Enough,Thirty-two in total,Can temporarily meet the needs of greenhouse production,Basically women under 30,Most of them have finished junior high school“Zhao Hong suddenly interrupted Xia Jian and said。
Xia Jianyi listen,Happy face,He said several well in a row,Finally he announced the working discipline of the village committee,Recently he felt,Everything must be standardized,The management team of the village committee is standardized,Easy to manage,Also get results。
of course,These people who have always been sloppy,Listen to Xia Jian’s rules on commuting time,There are many disciplines,At first I still had objections,Finally, under Xia Jian’s patient explanation,Finally everyone accepted。
Adjourned,Everyone got busy quickly,Xia Jian looked at Mo Yan who was about to go out and said:“You stay,Soon the people from Zhangwang Village are here,You make a record of the meeting“
Mo Yan responded,So I went to find pen and paper。
Xia Jian took advantage of this free time,Lowered his voice and asked Zhao Hong:“What’s wrong with your mouth?Did it hit the wall??“
Zhao Hongbai gave Xia Jian a look,Whisper:“Hit the dog’s mouth“
Xia Jianyi listen,Almost couldn’t help laughing。Mo Yan just came back,Take a look at Xia Jian,Asked inexplicably:“President Xia,What are you laughing?“
“It’s nothing“When Xia Jian said this,,I found that Zhao Hong’s face was red。
at this time,There was a sound of footsteps in the yard,Then a loud voice shouted:“Chief Xia,People from Zhangwangcun are here to visit you“
Xia Jian hurriedly got up,Greeted me。
The people here are Mr. Li and his assistants from Zhangwang Village。
First0159chapter Bravely Rogue
“Chief Xia,You have a good face,Became a big hit in town,Our Zhangwang Village and your Xiping Village are Zudi Villages,As the saying goes,Brother in battle,Eat this meat,Should give me some soup!“Village Chief Li laughed,Sat down while talking。