Although Yu Zhe didn’t speak,But his thoughts are surprisingly consistent with Shi Muluo,He saw that Yin Shi hadn’t put him in his eyes from the beginning,There is cynicism in the tone,If you let this bastard know,His life will be in the hands of someone he hasn’t seen directly,The scene must be very interesting。
“Don’t care what i said,It’s no use telling you。”Yin Shi sneered,Then he changed to a different language from before,“As for language,I can speak six languages since I was fourteen,People like you,I’m afraid I can’t learn so much in my life?
“impressive~Have you changed the language of another country??What else?or……You perform one more?”Shi Mu Luo smiled,She knew that Yin Shi was actually a business genius,But she is a little hard to understand,Such a defiant person who doesn’t even know the details of the other party and jumps to conclusions,How did you rely on that ridiculous talent,Successful。
At least in terms of character,Or Yin Mao is more in line with the image of a successful entrepreneur。
“Miss,I am not acting,Language is also a kind of learning,Don’t look at it with vulgar eyes。”Yin Shiyi said righteously,Shi Muluo’s statement really made him feel ridiculous,“Performance?”Sure enough, he is a layman with no abilities。
“Yin Shi!You give me enough!If you can’t respect my guest,I will invite you out!”Yin Mao can’t stand it anymore,He never expected Yin Shi,Will become like this now。
He has always cultivated Yin Shi like his own son,Even specially invited people to conduct etiquette training,I didn’t expect to cultivate such a rebellious son。
“I apologize。”Yin Shi still said falsely,No regrets at all。
The atmosphere on the table was once awkward,Yin Mao’s expressionless face,Yin Shi has been staring at Shi Muluo and Yu Zhe’s movements, his eyes look like two hillbillies,And the two of them just smiled and responded with eyes looking at the corpse
After dinner, the two returned to the room,Under the leadership of the maid,Carrying luggage to another room。
The new room is bigger,The view from the floor-to-ceiling windows directly faces the endless woods outside,Very comfortable to look at。
The room seems to be unoccupied for a long time,Every piece of furniture is covered with white dust cloth,But there is no dust on the floor,Should be cleaned often。
The environment is just right,Yu Zhe and Shi Muluo took advantage of the process of opening the white cloth,Carefully inspected every corner of the room。