Xia Jian is misfired,What Xiao Xiao said,Not totally unreasonable。
“All right,Maybe we want to complicate the problem,Since ancient times, soldiers have come,Flooded,Let’s talk about the situation at that time!rest!Go to work tomorrow,What to do“Old Xiao suddenly spoke,Sure enough ginger is old and spicy,Consider the problem more comprehensively。I do say it again,Before the matter is inconclusive,Thinking is for nothing。
Xiao Xiao stood up,Glancing at Xia Jian,Go to the east guest room,Live so,Xia Jian came to understand,Xiao Xiao didn’t compete with him for the room,So I went to live in the east room。
Suddenly Xia Jian had a feeling of overwhelming guests。
Old Xiao closed his eyes tightly,To Xia Jian who is about to leave:“There is a note on the coffee table,Do as written on the note tomorrow,Remember to endure for a while,Take a step back“
Xia Jian respectfully responded,Pick up the note on the table,Went back to the room in a hurry。
Once back in the room,Xia Jian closed the door,Turn on the light,Beautiful handwriting on a small note,It should be the same person as the last note,Maybe it was dictated by Old Xiao,Xiao Xiao writes,Xia Jian won’t believe it anyway,Xiao Xiao will find him a job。
The route is written on the note,The person looking for,What makes Xia Jian most happy is,The place where he will work in the future turned out to be Yiqingyuan KaraOK,Isn’t this a place to sing??A little bigger,With dance floor,The key is where there are so many beauties,Thought of here,Xia Jian was so happy that he could hardly fall asleep。
A sound of Tai Chi music,Called Xia Jian,He got up,Wash your face and brush your teeth,I was too excited last night,Can’t sleep at first,Waiting to fall asleep,It’s almost bright。
Yard,Old Xiao Zheng is playing with the music on the recorder,Tai Chi,Xiao Hei sees Xia Jian,Ran over,This little guy seems to be recovering well,When Xia Jian was discharged from the hospital,I couldn’t help but glanced at the east guest room,I saw the door closed,I wonder if Xiao Xiao hasn’t gotten up yet,People have left after getting up。
Xia Jian suddenly discovered,How can I care about Xiao Xiao’s whereabouts?,Isn’t this scrambled with radish and egg??
It’s autumn,The weather is a lot cooler。
Beishan Park is less crowded at night,But there are still many people doing morning exercises,Xia Jian brought Xiao Hei,Running on the forest road in the park,You chase me,This scene stops many passersby。
At the corner of the park,Suddenly a young man in his thirties stood in front of Xia Jian。Come guys of medium build,Got a small flat head,A blue sportswear。