“Xiao Ming,You play the video。”Chief Li casually ordered。
Ming Shizun got up immediately,I opened a video that was already prepared。
The white wall opposite the conference table,A projected video appeared。
The picture shakes violently from time to time,Someone used a portable video device to secretly film。
But the angle of the picture is very good,Take a clear picture of the character activities on the battlefield,And the lens is from far to near,Explain that the person using the equipment knows photography well,Definitely a professional technique。
Can be seen clearly in the picture,After the madness, Chekhov’s eyes flashed purple,Gong Hu hit his chest with a punch,Was directly shocked out,Zhu Jian jumped up in midair to block,The two fell together into a ground gourd。
“It’s also nice to care about your comrades’ minds。”Chief Li smiled and said something。
Zhu Jian flushed immediately with a face,Even the Gong Hu who stood with him was ashamed。
How can these two lose?!It’s a defeat,Chekhov didn’t even lift his hand,They lose!
Subsequently,The scene of Lu Menglin shooting and killing Chekhov appeared in the footage。
When everyone saw this scene,I can’t help but hold my breath,Look very seriously,Without blinking。
It’s not just that Chief Li who looked carefully,Even the old elder of the war school army,And the face only says I am proud,My strong swordsman in white,I can keep my eyes open,I don’t even want to miss any details。
Because they are real masters,Is the top power,That’s why they can see from the screen how powerful Lu Menglin is!
one move!It seems just a trick,The Chekhov who bounced two strong warriors into flight only by his own counter shock,Not as strong as human,Was directly hit by Lu Menglin,Then gouge my heart and die,This scene left everyone present speechless for a while。
Especially when Zhu Jian and Gong Hu, the two strong fighters, stood in front of them alive,Several big masters present can easily infer Chekhov’s level from their strength at that time,Think of Lu Menglin’s true level。