Although I didn’t say it,But Karen·Carpenter’s this“but……”But expressed her concerns very clearly:Mr. Fernandez,Do you think that the total production cost of a small actor who has been mixed in Hollywood for many years may exceed1000Ten thousand dollar protagonist,Is the risk too big??
Know Karen·Carpenter is actually kind,Worried that your investment will be in vain,And to be realistic,With the governor’s current role in Hollywood,,In the eyes of anyone,Let such an unknown guy star in such a big production actor,Investors are either crazy or stupid。
But Chen Geng has Chen Geng’s reasons,The reason is that in the eyes of any Terminator fan,Without the governor《Terminator》Can’t be called a terminator,So the worry,Chen Geng just smiled,Said:“How about this,Let our Mr. Schwarzenegger come over,Put on makeup,You know why I think he is the most suitable……in my opinion,No one is more suitable for this role than Mr. Schwarzenegger。”
“Is that so?”
Karen and Richard are both dubious,Both brothers and sisters don’t believe it,As for Mirren,She has now formed a honey confidence in Chen Geng,As long as Chen Geng made the decision,He never doubted,Since my boss said this Arnold·Mr. Vasinger is the most suitable,Then he must be the most suitable,This way……
“Mr,Mr. Reynolds called me two days ago,I hope to be a shareholder in our next movie,You see……”She carefully asked Chen Geng for advice。
“Also good。”Chen Geng thought about it,Nod。
In order to make 20th Century Fox do more,It’s time to give them more sweetness。
Received a call from Mirren,Kevin·Reynolds came to Chen Geng at the fastest speed。
How fast is it?
He is checking the flight information、I found that the latest flight must be tonight11After Detroit,He directly called the chairman,Apply to use the company’s business jet——in the past,He didn’t dare to hit the company’s business jet idea anyway,But this,He is righteous、Confident。
The result is not surprising,Knowing that the reason for using the plane is Fernandez·Chen plans to start making a third movie、And you can consider letting 20th Century Fox become a shareholder,The chairman approved Kevin without saying anything·Reynolds’ requirements for using special planes,And it’s the company’s only business jet……before this,Kevin·Reynolds thinks the company can take that King AirB200Use it for yourself,He is very satisfied。
As for our comrade governor,After receiving Karen·When Carpenter personally called,He was stupid,Hmm, ah, it took a long time before I put down the phone stupidly。
Patrick, the agent on the side, jumped anxiously.,Watch him put down the phone,Asked immediately:“Arnold,Say it,What did Miss Karen say??Did you invite you to star in his new movie??”
Karen·Carpenter,The best singing among Hollywood stars,The most popular among all American singers in Hollywood,With a《bodyguard》Quickly from a national flag country music singer to the nation’s hottest amphibious star,Compared to Karen who is proud and elegant like a swan·Miss Carpenter,My own employer is like a super ugly duckling,And now,Two people who could never have an intersection have actually got in touch,Besides, Karen is like a swan·Arnold contacted by Miss Carpenter……There has never been such a weird thing in the dream!