23 rounds of Bundesliga’s 25 goals, Lewanping Mueller scored a record
Lewan helped Bayern beat opponents 3-2.Figure / Osports Bundesliga round 23 continues this morning, Bayern Munich sits at Allianz Stadium against Paderborn.With Lewandowski’s lore, Bayern defeated his opponent 3-2 and scored three points. Lewan once again helped the team out of the predicament. Bayern continued to maintain the league first.In the first half of the game, Tolisso assisted Gnabri to break the goal, and Silbeni seized the opportunity of Neuer’s attack error to trigger a tie.In the 70th minute of the second half, Gnabry assisted Lewan to break the goal, but only 5 minutes later Mitchell again equalized the score.In the 88th minute of the game, Gnabri sent an assist again, and Lewan scored his second goal of the game, helping Bayern’s opponent with a 3-2 lore.This is the fourth time Lewan has faced Paderborn in the Bundesliga, scoring all four goals, and penetrating the opponent’s gate 6 times in total.After scored twice in this field, in the 23 rounds of the Bundesliga this season, Lewan has already scored 25 goals, so he tied the Gade Mueller in the 1969-1970 and 1971-1972 seasons.Bundesliga record.In addition, Lewan has scored 38 goals in 32 games for Bayern in this season, winning the top five leagues.It is worth mentioning that this game contributed two passes and one shot, and Gnabry, who fed the cake twice to Lewan, also received attention.According to statistics, Lewan, who has scored 38 goals this season, and Gnabry, who has scored 15 goals, are the duo with the most goals in Europe this season, and the two made a total of 53 goals.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Xihuang proofread Liu Jun