“How can you be by my side??”
Looking at Xu Tianci’s a little frightened,Li Hui is not a glimpse。
He remembers that this Xu Tianci is not afraid of the sky.,The most important thing is that the other party is three times, I want to kill him.。
“Hey-hey,Look at the surrounding environment,You will know which?。”
Xu Tianci looked around,Although the sky is already black,But he still can see some things around。
“I am back?
You bring me back.?”
He now slowly remembers the scene in the hospital.。
Things that you want to be sent to drug addiction。
“Um,Accurately, you are not only back.,And I have to accept my treatment。”
“What is treatment??”
Somehow,Looking http://www.haixingsujiao.cn at Li Hui’s face, laughing, smile,His heart suddenly scared。
“Help you quit some things on your body.,For example, you often suck。”
“hehe,Do not make jokes,I have never heard who I have never heard of something.,If you are smart, you will let the open road.。”
Xu Tianci was said by Li Hui,He suddenly wanted to come.,Then experience the feeling of the game living fairy。
“Hey-hey,Xu Tianci,I promise you.,Be sure to help you quit。”
“hehe,I am?
He can manage you can’t control me.,And that kind of crime,I don’t want to continue.,You gave me away,Otherwise don’t blame me.。”
Looking at Xu Tianci, the people who have been toxic in the past few days are unreasoning.,Li Hui Hui is invincible for Xu Jiao Fu。
If it is not agreed, Xu Laifu,Li Hui felt that he was likely to shoot each other.,Don’t repent the http://www.isweethome.cn meaning of repentance,Also think about going to get destructive。
“The thing I promised will definitely do it.,And you are here two choices,Either old and realistic cooperation, I will help you quit,Either death。”
The last dead word,Li Hui said very light,But it is very firm。
Because this is the worst plan,How can he look at Xu Tianci such a person to continue to endanger the society?。
Changed, he naturally won’t be difficult,But if you don’t change,I always want to do things for those evil outside.,He feels that kills a saved one hundred,Save a thousand is completely worth doing。
After all, people such as Xu Tianmu are likely to take someone else.。
Harmful to those poison,Li Hui Feng has not been exposed to,But it also knows what consequences will be caused by contamination.。
Lightly,Heavy http://www.yihu520.cn home is broken。
Xu Tianci was also blocked by Li Hui Feng.。
“hehe,Just you want to kill me?