Since I have joined the church,She doesn’t need to keep the same speed with others,Slowed down,Squat down,By touch,To try to find out the cause of the dead body。
The dead man seemed to be fatal by one blow,Except for a neat cut on the neck,No wounds。
It must be Yu Zhe!
This is an idea that Shi Mu Luo had in his mind,Although he knew that Yu Zhe was not the only one who used the knife on the battlefield,But facing the corpse in front of me,Just have an indescribable sense of familiarity
Too late to think,suddenly,There was intense gunfire in the yard,The muzzle flame illuminates a small area,So that she can see a part of the surrounding situation clearly。
Where the muzzle is facing,A vague figure flashed past,Extremely fast,If you don’t look carefully, you won’t notice。
It’s him!
Shi Mu Luo recognized the familiar figure at a glance,Saw him alive,Can be considered relieved。
In this case,She can start doing it too。
The whole yard is still very dark,But for her,It’s not difficult to kill people around you accurately。
These stupid people,Shooting continuously,And she can pass the flames of these muzzles,To determine where their heads are。
Bang bang bang,Fire a few shots,Her gunshots mixed with other sounds,Ordinary people can’t tell,At the same time, she noticed that Yu Zhe was also moving quickly toward this side,Between the sparks,The whole team was wiped out。
The clouds are gradually blown away,Reveal the original moon,The scene in the yard can be seen vaguely。
Shi Mu Luo knew that the enemies had been wiped out,I just wanted to stop Yu Zhe,But found that he didn’t mean to stop at all,It seems that because of killing too many people,The spirit has become crazy,Saw someone standing,Change the pace without hesitation,Almost attacking the last person with afterimages。
She is not slow,But all you can see is the cold moonlight on the blade,An instant,She felt like her shoulder was hit by a train,Made her fall backwards compellingly,His back hit the blue brick floor heavily,The sharp gravel hurts her。
Mouth covered,Can’t make any sound,A violent force pushed her head up,A long slender neck,Exposed in the air,Yu Zhe straddles her,Press her body with the strength of her knees,Made her lose the ability to resist half of her lower limbs。
The blade flashed across an arc,Without hesitation。
Shi Muluo knew she wouldn’t do anything,Must die in Yu Zhe’s hands,Raise your arms as hard as you can,Put the muzzle on Yu Zhe’s temple。
Time seems to freeze at this moment,Both are only milliseconds away from death,Shi Muluo felt that the blade had pressed a blood mark on her neck,Yu Zhe has also heard the sound of the internal mechanical collision of the pistol。