The reason she didn’t dare to raise it at the meeting this time,Because as long as Tian Lu says Cai Wen in front of Xu Chang“Is not”、“not good”,Xu Chang criticized her in turn,Tian Lu touched her nose,Have this experience before,So I dare not mention Cai Wen’s shortcomings in front of Xu Chang。
in contrast,If Cai Wen said Tian Lu in front of Xu Chang“not good”,Tian Lu will be met by Xuchang immediately。
Xu Chang always protects Cai Wen。
Tian Lu originally wanted to point out at this meeting“Some employees see that the leader is not there,Just free and loose。”But this one at the meeting,Tian Lu’s biting her lip can’t be said。
and so,Pointing out the problems of the staff,Point out selectively,Some can only open one eye and close one eye,For some inconspicuous phenomena,She can’t be true。
This is Tian Lu in actual work,Encountered more rules,It also summarizes a little bit of workplace personnel,But it is not enough。
After the meeting,Staff perform their duties。After more tasks,Every day the manuscripts edited and reviewed by her will pile up like a mountain。Basically work every day until midnight。
During the editing process,Some staff’s manuscripts cannot be changed,Need to be rewritten,But in order not to dissuade the staff,She has to help the staff rewrite、Rewrite,And then launch it under the name of the employee。
Every night,After the manuscript is completed,Chuan headquarters centralized release。
When the next day,Received a call from the editor-in-chief Hu Dapeng:“There are several typos in yesterday’s manuscript,The leader is criticizing you,You want to be too fine,Strictly Trial,Don’t make any mistakes。”
I received a criticism early in the morning,Whoever encounters this will be sad,After hanging up,Tian Lu was aggrieved,turn onXtNetwork Technology Media Page,Isn’t it just a word and a punctuation error??Contact the publisher immediately to correct。
Tucao:Which media can’t go wrong,Isn’t it over after the correction??but,Later Tian Lu felt that the criticism was justified,Should prevent zero errors,Still have to be serious in the future。