But the dissatisfaction is still obvious。
“Not to,The Killer League will notify me when things are done.。It will definitely be faster than the media,So you still have the opportunity to suppress this matter!”Qin Feng said。
Fran looked at Qin Feng,Several times。
In the end he still asked the question in his mind,“You really didn’t plan this?Why do I feel like you are strategizing?I’m afraid this matter has nothing to do with you?”
“Ha ha.”
Qin Feng sneered,But no reply。
Now Fran is even more depressed,He had to divert his attention and look at Robben next to him。
Robben and another member of the Wind Alliance were not only created a new identity,At the same time, he was also assigned to Fran“jobs”。One is to monitor and control Fran,Secondly, it is natural to let these two people climb up if they have a chance,After learning some official knowledge, provide help for their future noble title plan。
And for convenience,The other brother who went with Robben simply“Renamed”Logan。
Even in the forged information,Robben and Logan are still two brothers!
But after these two people got along with Fran for a few days,How much more familiar than Qin Feng,So Fran looked at the two and said:“Don’t you persuade your boss??Don’t you two learn anything in officialdom with me these days??How can such uncontrolled things happen at this time?”
“Okay old guy,Stop talking!”Qin Feng interrupted Fran’s words directly。
Subsequently,Robben and Logan can only smile helplessly。The meaning is also obvious,I can’t help what I said to the mayor of Fran。
Now Fran can’t help it.,I can only sit on the sofa sulkingly and wait。
Facing Qin Feng, he put on an uncarving expression of rotten wood。It’s just that his brain is running fast,When it happened,How should he clean up the mess in the first time。
of course,He also has other ideas,Just think about it,Want to get rid of Qin Feng, it seems that there is no room for manipulation at all。