2015 NBA Finals Sixth Cavaliers vs. Warriors Live CCTV5 live video broadcast address
After winning the fifth game of Tianwang Mountain, the 3-2 leading warriors were only one win away from their first championship in 40 years.Can the Warriors win the away game in the sixth round of the Finals at 9 o’clock on the 17th?As the Cavaliers’ shortage of manpower becomes more prominent as the Finals deepens, James’ challenge to the Warriors as a whole will be the Cavaliers’ last hope for victory.(The game starts at 9:00 AM Beijing time) The CCTV5 live video rocket VS Warriors Address Cavaliers have no way to retire the game. What to watch: Can the strongest Zhan Huang win the final five games before the finals, James averages 36 per game.6 points 12.5 rebounds 8.8 assists, such data is unprecedented in the history of the Finals.James has scored 40 points or more in 3 games and scored two triple-doubles. In Game 5, he scored a 40-point junior double.Although the Cavaliers are 2-3 behind, the image of James’ best player is still being renewed.  In the sixth game where the Cavaliers can’t afford to lose, can James use his personal ability to create a chance for the Cavaliers to win, and even win?This is the biggest aspect of the sixth battle.Key players: Curry hit a 3-pointer record Curry scored 37 points in Game 5, and won 30+ for the first time in the finals.In Game 5, James scored 16 points in the final quarter and Curry scored 17 points in a single quarter. According to the Associated Press’s comment: James responded after every occurrence of James, and the finals finally reflected the new and old MVP.Direct confrontation.  Many media including ESPN believe that unless the Cavaliers miss the championship, James should also be elected to the finals MVP.This kind of public opinion is directly magnifying Curry’s point of view: Can this season’s regular season MVP compete for the finals MVP?Curry knew there was still a chance.  Curry has set his own league record for scoring three-pointers in a single playoff game to 95.He has scored 22 three-pointers in the first five games of the finals. The history record for the number of three-pointers scored in the finals is 26 maintained by Danny Green.Curry has a chance to set a new historical record, which is also expected to become a key bargaining chip in his competition for the finals MVP.Team status: A small goal changed the action The Warriors made a small paragraph from the fourth game, which directly changed the finals process.The Warriors scored 21 points in Game 4 and 13 points in Game 5.The impact of the core players such as Cavaliers Irving and Love has continued to increase. The finals have always been 8 players, and the rotation system has 7 players.  The Cavaliers are also struggling to cope.In the fourth game, Mozgov scored 28 points and 10 rebounds.In the fifth game, he continued to take the same small warrior confrontation with James as the center. Mozgov only played less than 9 minutes and a half.In the fourth game, JR Smith made 2 of 12 shots and missed 8 of 3 3-pointers. He scored 4 three-pointers in the first 15 minutes of the 5th game. However, during the subsequent games, JR made 7 of 3Lost.Focus comment: Zhan Huang wants to do better Curry hopes that the away Cavaliers coach Blatter insists that the abandonment of Mozgov in the fifth battle is a plan beneficial to the Cavaliers overall.Am I making a mistake?I think this is the best option for us to stay in the game and have a chance to win.Blatter said.  We can win, I am confident.James said that I should do better.After the fifth game, James played himself as the best player in the world.Regarding the leadership pressure he suffered, James said: I know I have a lot of responsibilities, and I have not reached the limit of my ability.  Regarding the situation where the Warriors have already won championship points, Curry said: We have struggled hard this year, and now we are in a favorable position, hoping to end in Cleveland (the finals).We have confidence.