“Let it go!Let’s take a look at Kiki first.,I will go back first.,You stay,Accompany the blue blue,She is not convenient now.。”Mu Qing said,Go forward。
Now she is not afraid that Qin Ning knows her back.。
some things,She will not escape again.,Belong to yourself,She will also take it back。
In the ward。
Blue Qiqi fell asleep,Le Wei Xi is softly:“Blue,I just went out.,Asked about Kiki’s attending http://www.lamamai.cn doctor,The doctor said,Kiki is hospitalized for a few days,You can go home and take a break.。
However, you have to suffer.,Hands and feet have hit gypsum,She may be guilty of this month。”
Blue Xin looked at the little face of her daughter as a paper:“熙,Kiki must do it before starting school.,You also know the sex of this little girl,She is going to read the first grade,I have been full of expectations。”
Le Zhenxi also smiled and looked at Kiki,Laugh:“Blue,This little girl is affected by your,Usually you say to teach,She has always likes to paint,But what do you say this little girl is so obedient?,Drawing is not delayed。I am so big like her.,A turtle,A bird like a bird。I am when I first,Draw painting,Later, I found myself.,When I was a university, I learned it.。”
Lan Xin looked at her laughing:“熙,Talent is also http://www.fun525.cn very important,But more because of your efforts。”
Xi Xi has been very hard,They have always been very hard,only,She still can’t catch up with the pace of Xi Xi。
熙ceoNS,She is still just a small officer。
Le Zhen Xi looks at her,“Blue,You are also very hard。”
Le Zhenxi suddenly smiles slightly,“Blue,Today’s things,After passing through the boiling,It is also a piece of voice for you.,Don’t go see those。”
Blue Xin smiles:“熙,to be honest,I didn’t think Gu Anan would hate me so.。”
Le Zhenxi is slightly smashed,Narrow:“Blue,She is because of love hate,That kind of people,scary!You must be more careful in the future.。”Although I have already known that she will be involved in this matter.,did not expect,What’s so fast?。
Lan Xin nodded,She also knows that this is right and wrong,I have been very careful,But still。
How can she think of it?,Gu Anan will go to the 25th floor this morning.。
Did you dream,Gu Anan will come to this out.。
Le Zhenxi also said,“Now outside,There are still many reporters waiting.?”
Blue Xin smiled slightly,Stars,Then the good eyebrows,Slow stretch,Not afraid:“熙,this matter,Gu Ai’an will not give up and hope,She makes such a big sacrifice,Just to ruin me。”
She is a little crying,one person,There are more hates in the end,There will be such a vicious mind?
Le Zhenxi looked at her bright and confident eyes,A pair of handsome eyes are full of distress,He is slightly close to him.,Soft temperature:“You?Now there is a happy joke,Your feet just have just,It’s swollen now.,This month,Don’t walk。”
Le Zhenxi said,Pick up the medicine he went to find a doctor,Can’t spray her red ankle。
Blue Xin’s face revealed bright smile,“熙,This world,Everyone has a touched,I am not something wrong.,Just suffering, Kiki。”
Le Xi suddenly looked at her unreasonably:“Blue,This is fine,How do you think something??”
“Ha ha”Blue Xin smiled low,Not talking。
Le Zhenxi spurting the medicine to stand up:“This medicine, you remember it in the evening.。”
“Um!”Blue Xin micro,Laughing face gratitude。
She is more laughing,Le Zhenxi looks at it, the more distressed。
He looked unhappy to look at her.,“Blue,You still laugh?”
Blue Xindao:“熙,Don’t I cry??”Things have happened,Cry can’t solve problems。