“Then what am i doing?”Song Fang saw that others have done things,Only she hasn’t,Inevitably a little anxious。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Is such that,Vegetable greenhouse cultivation,To expand,your job is,Mobilize the landed villagers in Xihechuan,Join the Xiping Village Agricultural Planting Cooperative as soon as possible,To expand the planting area,Do the prerequisite work”
“Ok”Song Fang responded。
Once the job is set up,Everyone is busy,Xia Jiancai relieved his burden,He quickly picked up the phone on the table,Called Ouyang Hong,The phone just rang twice,A woman’s nice voice came from the receiver:“Hey!Is it Mr. Xia?!What’s good?Tell me quickly”
Just left for a few days!Xia Jianyi heard Ouyang Hong’s voice,Feel very kind,He smiled:“Good things again and again,Could you convene the villages on both sides of the Xichuan River,Let’s have an all-hands meeting”
“Oh!Have big moves,Then come here quickly,Let’s talk in person,What can you say on the phone”Ouyang Hong said,Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Hung up。
Xia Jian with a stunned look,It took a long time to understand,Ouyang Hong wants to see him now,Such a small matter,What can’t you understand on the phone?。
Fang Fang drove him,Not much time,Xia Jian stood by the Pingyang Town Government,It’s the same as it was a few years ago,A compound,Except the gate,Surrounded by houses,A little bit different is,Door of each room,New paint on it,Maybe the original paint has fallen out,The reason is really ugly!
In the town government’s compound,Suddenly a BMW came,This is pretty windy,One pass ten,Ten pass dozens,Everyone in almost every room ran out,Point to Xia Jian’s car。
Ouyang Hong may have also heard the voices in the yard,She opened the door and took a look,It turned out that Xia Jian was standing in the middle of the yard,She beckoned,Shouted:“President Xia!Here”
Ouyang Hong’s office,Is also very crude,A desk,There are a few chairs opposite,Except for a phone on the desk,Is a pile of materials。
“Hey!Busy with Xiping Village during this time,Pile up the work,You see, I am almost becoming a reference room here”Ouyang Hong tidied up the information on the table,Said with a awkward smile。
Xia Jian is very generous,Sit on a chair and say:“Damn!Don’t be busy,We sit on the chair,Not sitting on the table,What are you doing”
“Right”Ouyang Hong responded,Sat down in another chair,Woman blushing,Xia Jian thinks she’s getting more beautiful,Only a few days ago,Xia Jian thinks Ouyang Hong looks strange in his eyes。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Our place is poor,I’m wronged by a talented student like you”
“Can’t talk about it,As long as you can do something practical,I am still very happy,Especially in Xiping Village,Watching the earth-shaking changes in the village,I’m quite satisfied,Hurry up,What do you want me to do”Ouyang Hong said,Suddenly the topic changed,A little impatient。
Ouyang Hong’s character,Similar to Xia Jian’s,Work cleanly,Never procrastinate,honestly,This style of doing things,Xia Jian still likes it。
“We have already met and studied,I just want to harden the road from Xiping Village to Pingyang Town,It rains,Convenient to travel,Look now,Tianyigan,The sky is dusty,Just a few drops of rain,The mud can pass the knee”Xia Jian told Ouyang Hong his thoughts again。