Today’s Qin Feng is less hostile,It’s impossible to make the kind of unreasonable things。
As for why Leng Ling is so sure that He Gao is in Stick Country?
Qin Feng certainly doesn’t know this。Even in Qin Feng’s opinion,This time past,Even if I can meet He Gao,That will definitely end up。It’s a cutscene and
“In fact, He Gao is not the only one in Stick Country,Even my enemy!”
“Your enemy?”Although Qin Feng has briefly seen Leng Ling“data”,But even the information provided by the military commander Ning has no detailed records。
“Ok,My enemy is from the stick country。They killed our family with poison。I investigated very clearly,It’s the Jin Family.”
Listen to Leng Ling’s narration,Qin Feng felt a sorrow。Because he and Leng Ling share the same family background。But in comparison, Qin Feng must be lucky,Because he met the master Jiang Min,Although he calls the old man all day, it seems that he has no respect at all,But at least Qin Feng’s hands are handed down from Jiang Min.。
Besides,He also knew three girls who lived under the same roof with him。They all have different characteristics,But it can solve Qin Feng’s hostility。
At least now Qin Feng compares with her,The former feels very lucky。
“How do you look at me with this look?Pity me?”Leng Ling hates this look。Because she saw this look from those elder friends she knew。Because I don’t like it,That’s why she rebelled,Not even inside the system。otherwise,A child of a military family,It is very likely that she will also become a new female soldier。
“Yes indeed,You are not in the system?There are still documents?”Qin Feng remembered that this kid took a special passage when he boarded the plane,Besides, she frequently showed her ID。