Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One Non-existent accident
Chen Wenjin, I’m afraid Abao will be impulsive,Xiao Gao may not be able to persuade him alone,Just say:”I will go up with Big Bear。”
Three people went to the second floor,Seeing A Leopard pinching Wood by the neck,Pushing him all the way to the balcony,On the way, Abao drew punches into Mu Mu’s face.,Eyes full of anger。“Grab my woman!Let you grab my woman!……”
The little fish was chasing and shouting:“Abao, stop it!”
Everyone sees the danger behind,Before I have time to shout,Wood is obviously in a hurry,I can’t stand it with my arms,When hitting the railing,Shout,Lift your foot and kick on Abao,Leopard loosened the hand holding the wood and hugged his leg,It didn’t have time to stop,Still being kicked,I couldn’t grasp it,The wood foot has used enough strength,I didn’t think so much at all,A leopard kicked back,The wood was pushed out of the railing by the reaction force of this foot,Fell down!
The little fish chased by the railing,Looking down on the ground,Body twitching wood,Seems to be head first,Cover your mouth for a while,Eyes widened,Only scared my head blank,Completely dumbfounded。
Leopard glanced at the fallen wood,Involuntarily retreat,Paled face,Eyes are full of fear of consequences……
Wang Shuai, they heard the noise and ran out,Saw the wood lying outside,The girls screamed,Horrified,Some men can’t bear to look straight,I also curiously looked at the dead。
Wang Shuai’s heartbeat speeds up,Hurried forward to check and confirm,Seeing Wood’s bloodshot eyes lose consciousness,Still vomiting blood in the mouth,Body twitch,He asked:“How are you?Is there anything?”
however,Mumu obviously can’t even answer words。