“Oops,School brother discovered?”A recent white hair‘elder’,Hand turns a crowbar,Smile,“Instructor said,There is a point in hitting you.,I still took two sticks.!”
The instructor actually made a task in the school.,Jiang Hong’s eyes suddenly a black,This gangster in order to get the rush badge,Starting a task is not to live,He is already able to imagine that this group of people chased their scenes.。
“If you don’t pull,Directly bypass here,We have not brought it.。”The old man spent on white hair rises a wig,Smile to Ding Wusu Road,“Newborn?Sisters should thank you for providing us opportunities.。”
Ding Wushen is ugly,I have forgotten the pain of the thigh.,The bouting man is looking at the other people of the same team。
“Instructor?”Guan Xue suddenly looked behind them,Like I saw Jia Haizhen。
The big three four military schools around,Some people have,Turn back to see the back。
“go!”Zuo Luoyuan is a whisper to others。
She and the coming are open in front,Yan Yan Lima will resist Ding Wushen on the shoulder,Take the past with Qian Mao,After Cooking and Jianghong。
There are many old fritters in the military school of the three major people.,Ignore,Take the stick to them,Anyway, when the task is http://www.stjld.cn connected,Instructor said,As long as you can’t die。
“School sister,Light line?”Greek is hiding while discovals,“Such a lot of effort,Anyway, there is a division.,You save your strength,Can also fight more。”
“You said it is good。”Sisters think about it carefully.,“But so,I am very cool.。”
Snowfall:“……”get out!
Several people have been running a day overnight.,Compared with the cultivation of this,Really wolf。
“Yan Yan,Put it down,Let’s go first.。”Ding Wushen is not good,How did he think of this is a fake village?。
Zuo Luoyuan hid two crowbars,Turned to the two people:“In fact, it is not necessary to put,Yan Yan picks you,Can also block a stick,Anyway, you can’t walk.,More than a few times。”
“School girl,you……It’s so ruthless.!”The senior collapsed,I don’t consciously have a touch of love to Ding Wusun.。http://www.yupinsilk.cn
Zuo Luohi did not care,Side face to see the coming:“You left this。”
“You have to leave?”Oki’s stick blocked the stick,Ask。
Zuo Luo has turned to Qian Maolia,Never:“So many senior school sisters,It is rare to meet together,It is a good opportunity to learn。”
“School girl,You still have a thought?”Side of the senior heard,remind,“You have to deal with us alone.,I am a little whimped.。”
There is already more and more people chasing it.,Want to surround them again。The most important thing is that they are all school military school students.,Can’t let each other。
Oak Yue is deep, Zuo Luo, looks at it.,Finally catch the arm of the arm,Take him with him to run forward,Yan Yan hardbits the teeth,Only Zuo Luo Huan left,Block other people。
As for the snow, Jianghong has been overwhelmed by the crowd,Movement,Can only kneel down to protect the head,Sisters and sisters。
One person next to Zuo Luo,Grab the long stick in his hands,A line on the ground,Holding a long stick in front of people catching up:“This line is the place you stay.。”
“Sister is a big breath,Then try。”
They are on the bee,Want to bully less,Let Zuo Luo have no rooms,Just they underestimate her flexibility。Come backwards,The stick is crowded together,Because Zuo Luo speed is too fast。
But in a mess,There is always someone can hit it.。
“Senior。”Zuo Luo was knocked back by a crowbar.,She turned and grabbed the stick with her hand.,Cold channel,“You are playing in my wound.。”
If the military uniform jacket is not black,Now everyone can see the back of the shoulders to penetrate the blood.。
Look in the direction of Le Zuohuan,I can’t see people.,She is biased,The information is in this empty fake village center in this empty village.。
A man has not been able to react,The cold, cold, cold, ice, snow, and press them.,Even the breathing begins with a burden。
The big three major four military schools come,There is no shortageSClassAlpha,But when you are not better than others at the moment,The same wolf。Some slightly resistantAlphaEven a one that has been knees directly,Gratify。
Inside the tent,Kang Guang does not help but,He is in such a far position, of course, nothing to do.,But from other people in video,Can you see what is the reason?。
“I heard that Zuo Luoho’s information is strong.,It is already possible to get this point.?”Kang Guang blinds,Flashing,“So still hiding,Not completely released?”
“This month has been actively released twice.。”He month,“Last trial field,Plus this time,Not count。”
“Too。”Kanggui touched the scars of his mouth,If you think,“But I have always heard that she is very small to release the pixel.。”