Once back in the iron and blood blade,Qin Hao and Huang Xiaoding were greeted by a welcoming ceremony inside the iron and blood knife。
Chief No. 1 of the Supreme Command Center,He Taibai is here,Will personally present the award to the special forces for outstanding performance。
Qin Hao received the highest courtesy,This is a commendation order personally written by He Taibai and Chief No. 1。
“This one,It’s a commendation order from Chief One,”Immediately, He Taibai solemnly handed over the two awards to Qin Hao。
Qin Hao couldn’t help but get excited。
And Qin Hao was awarded a special battle hero medal,A medal of patriotism。
The Special Battle Hero Medal and the Patronus Medal are both met and not desired。
Among them, the Special Battle Hero Medal has not been awarded in ten years。
That’s because this is to reward the exceptional,Of a hero whose credit is particularly great。
The Medal of the Defence is not too much,Are the highest honors。
Huang Xiaoding also got a medal for protecting the country。
They all received different degrees of honor。
of course,Qin Hao is the Big Dipper in the eyes of everyone,The brightest star。
Chapter 82 Memorial ceremony,Bodyguard
The award ceremony is over,But this does not mean it is over。
In order to complete these tasks,The Jagged Blade has lost a lot of fighters。
Last time the iron and blood blade was badly injured,Have not had time to do this memorial ceremony。
This time it was an order from Chief One himself,Hold a memorial ceremony,To honor these sacrificed heroes。