“Damn,Jian Chen,Do you have to kill me?”
The arrogant Dark Lord said something like this,Has proved the direction of this battle。
A master who has a body and can control part of the guardian sword formation,Is no longer the opponent。
“You kill my clan,Harmful Quartet,I won’t let you extinguish,When!”
“it is good,Very good,Even if the Lord really fell today,I want to pull up your old bones to bury you。”
“is it,Actually, I didn’t think about living。”
The two talked like this,Just to prepare for the next thing。
The giant sword in front of Jian Chen disappeared,Just the big array under your feet is even more brilliant,This is not a sword,But countless swords are coming into the air。
Every sword inherits the ideas of every Wanjian Sect member,This is their profound meaning。
Use the rest of your life to protect your sect。
These swords start to converge at the end,Into another sword of normal size,But compared to the previous,What is formed at this moment is more powerful。
If the previous one was natal,At this moment is the fate of the entire Wanjian Sect。
Condensed and destroyed。
The Dark Lord is not to be outdone,The body exudes a majestic black air,Incorporate the throne under your feet into your body。
The height of himself,Turn into dozens of battles at this moment,As if to truly contain the heaven and the earth。
“come on,Old stuff,Let us fall together。”
“Can’t ask for it!”
That sword rushed directly in a beam of light,The Dark Lord also rushed over。