Thinking about what might happen next,Han Genji suddenly noticed that his throat had dry and cracked pain。
Things may be exciting for a while!Han Genki thought silently,Then add another sentence:It’s so exciting!
“Xiang Chen!Why are you going?”
Han Genji is ready to have a fight with Xiang Chen and the others,Far away,There was another female voice,Then Han Yuxiang is running hard。
Gallop all the way,Ran to the side of Xiang Chen,Korean Xiang keeps panting,Just like the sentence just now,I used up all her strength to shout out。
“Officer Han,You didn’t come to touch porcelain in the morning, right?”
Xiang Chen frowned,I don’t know why the Korean language Xiang appeared here,Or what is the use of her being here?
Korean Xiangbai gave Xiang Chen a look,Tried a few times,In the end, I feel that I breathe well before I speak。
Xiang Chen frowned deeper,I can’t find out why,Now I’m delaying my schedule,This is too much!
“Xiang Chen,Don’t make trouble at Zhu’s house,Their family is deeply rooted,Network is also complicated,You will suffer!”
Korean Xiang finally said a complete sentence,I feel my lungs are going to explodeyunlonghupan.Cracked。
Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Four Set off
Korean Xiang and Xiang Chen have not been old friends for many years,But Han Yu Xiang and Xiang Chen are definitely in the familiar category。
No need to repeatedly determine,It was Xiang Chen’s tone that day,Korean Xiang knows about Tian Dazhuang,Xiang Chen will never let go。
Xiangchen already broke his promise once,the following few days,Korean Xiang is even more afraid。Daytime investigation,Just stay at the door of the inn at night。