In July of this year, a resident building in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, universal problems, in "I have practical things for the masses" action, and I have been resolved through the "upgrade handling".

Although it is a good thing, it has also triggered a wide range of thinking: What is the "small" income of some people’s livelihood becomes "psoriasis"?In the past 12 years and two days, the difference is in the "Government Care" "We have finally solved the problem of innocent in 12 years!" Looking at the blue flame of the gas stove, the lady of the 65-year-old ginger said.

Ms. Jiang is a resident resident residential building in the East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City.Since the stay in 2009, the residential building has been universal gas.In the past 12 years, many residents have to picked up the gas tank to 1 km.In order to ventilate, residents only went to gas companies to reflect 60 趟 in four years.

Ms. Wang Peng Peng Peng Peng Peng Pien, No. 19 East Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, said, Ms. Jiang, said that they reflected when they reflected in Gansu, PetroChina Gas Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Gas Company"). Number The occupancy rate reached 70%. By 2016, the response from the accommodation of the residents from the gas company is "the gas meter has expired, and the new table can be ventilated." "The gas table that has not been used once is actually expired!" Although many residents can not solve, but in order to ventilaten, each household will pay 940 yuan to replace a new table.

  Mr. Zhao, said that when everyone is looking forward to the money, the gas company staff found that the gas pipeline well of the 19th floor suddenly emerged a voltage of 10,000 volts.

Due to the presence of major security hazards, the ventilation thing she holds.

In order to find out where this cable comes, the residents have spent two years. There is evidence that this cable belongs to the Lanzhou Branch of China Radio and Television Gansu Network Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Radio and Television Network Company"), but the company’s cost is too high for rejecting the migration cable. In July 2019, the residents have helpless to the Lanzhou City Letters and Turning Bureau. Since the company involves the company, the Lanzhou City Letters and Calls has been coordinated, but they have to respond.

Residents reflected to the Gansu Provincial Letters and Calls, Gansu Provincial Letters and Calls also coordinated, and she still did not achieve substantive progress.

In this year, "I have a practical thing for the masses" event, the provincial government of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee adopted the "Upgrade Handling", in the process of intensive resolution of the petition, and investigated the problem of problems.

The relevant departments use only two days to solve this problem for 12 years.

The ventilated gas pipeline Wang Peng took 2 lying people’s livelihood lawsuit, lost in the department "Wastean Yan" to handle the case of the case, heard the appeal of the resident of the 19th, deeply confused: "This dispute should lying. Win, how can I drag so long? "Gansu Provincial Letters and Calls introduced that the" upgrade handling case "is chemically solved the list of information, and it is also anatomical sparrow, research affects the crux of the masses to get a sense of safety.

  - I can’t install the masses in my heart, I am all "sesame".

In the half month, the reporter visited a number of companies involved, and these companies believe that "this matter is not big, it is simple." But the reporter is not big, simple, and when he doesn’t even declares, the response is silent. A cadre said that the residents’ appeals have not been out of date, highlighting the relevant departments of the grassroots, do not pay attention to the rational appeal and legitimate interests of the masses.

Gansu Provincial Letters and Calls has identified more than 200,000 petitions that have been resolved this year. Some "do not want to manage, don’t manage, not dare to manage", the roots are weak in the grassroots relevant departments, and there is no truly people. – Coordination is difficult to coordinate, and the grassroots whistle is difficult to blow. "The community has launched a joint meeting for consultation, and the joint meeting has been held 6 times since last year.

Ms. Wang, the staff of the community neighborhood committee of the street station of the Railway Station, Lanzhou City, said that the community and streets are also clear, but involving gas companies, radio and television network companies, developers and other departments, several coordination, community and streets in solving This issue is full of "unfortunate". Even if the grassroots "whistle", department reported, the problem has not been resolved. In response rate, the company’s customer service center responded that the gas company did not have the provisions of the accommodation rate to the standard gas.

The reporter asked the Radio, Television Network Company to take advantage of the gas pipeline well. The company initially responded to this incident, the power supply department and the gas company were responsible, and then responded to this matter. At the relevant departments, the "ridiculous words" of the department, eventually exchanged the masses "sour tears."

  3 Grassroots governance, problem resolution in the grassroots, some of the interview cadres believe that improving grassroots governance, promoting the "Fengqiao experience of the new era", but also "blocking point" that is not sounded from the root of the grassroots whistle, respotes relevant departments "Chaotic Point", "blind point" to eliminate safety and social governance. – Taking the "Party Organization Suggestion" to open the "blocked point" of the grassroots whistle. Interview cadres recommended, establish a list of lists of grassroots party organizations led the list, coordination issues.

The grassroots party organization leads, through the grassroots whistle, department regularly reports the list of realization, "a single clear", solving the problem "one clear". Some cadres recommend that the procuratorial recommendations of the procuratorial organs can be submitted to the party organization, and the departments of the grassroots party will issue a party organization proposal. The departure of the rectification is not intended to be accountable.

  - Responsible to the relevant departments of "chaotic" with sound accountability. The staff of the case is introduced. Although the gas is not solved in the No. 19 building, it is not a "suspension", and the "suspension" is not as clear as the "suspension case". A cadre analysis of participating in the case, to establish a safety hazard traceability mechanism, do a good job in the investigation of safety hazards, report, summary, warning, sales number and other source governance work. For the illegal issues in this case, you should check the responsibility and accountability.

  "Blind Point" in the Elimination of Safety and Social Governance in "Upgrade". Ms. Jiang, Ms. Jiang introduced that "upgrade handling" not only solves the problem of residents universal natural gas, and the issue of the residents of the 19th residents also received the attention of the relevant departments in the process of this problem.

Enlightenment of grassroots cadres, can learn from Gansu "upgrade case" mechanism, conduct tracking effectiveness, supervision responsibility, work progress, and quality, and effectively improve the grassroots governance. "Half Month Talk" 2021, the 21st period, I talked about reporters: Ren Wei Dong Wang Peng.