And Song Dixu glared,“I knew it,So you told Qin Feng of my whereabouts。You smash the street boy!”
“okay,Everything happened,Isn’t it nothing to lose?。Say,That bastard Qin Feng invited us here so late but he was late,Several meanings?”Chen Chong is very dissatisfied。In fact,He doesn’t know why he came。
Logically,The relationship between him and Qin Feng,I haven’t had such a deep friendship!
And at this moment,The box door was opened,Qin Feng is late。
“Aha,Traffic jam,I’m late。I didn’t expect both of them to come。I thought you were still angry with me,Won’t make an appointment!”Talking,Qin Feng sat on the sofa,Just picked up a bottle of wine on the table and poured it。
“okay,Without further ado,What to do with us two。”
“Just,These days, I can have two four big boys waiting for one person at the same time,Even if the four princes at the same time don’t have this qualification。You are really getting more and more prestigious。”
Chen Chong and Song Dixu complained to Qin Feng。
“Ugh,What is this,Of course it’s good for you to come here。such,I make a long story short!Over there in Myanmar,Because Cen Wen was captured back to the spider headquarters,So no one took over the stall he left。I just want to ask you,Are you interested in taking over that business?。of course,The premise is that it cannot be sold in China.Sell。”
I heard Qin Feng’s words,Chen Chong and Song Dixu both frowned。
They naturally understand what Qin Feng meant,The Golden Triangle,That stuff can
It’s a huge profit。Even a small investment can have a hundred or even a thousand times profit。
of course,The premise is that you don’t need to do anything for the surrounding forces。And now,Who doesn’t know Qin Feng’s status in Burma?Even the chaotic area is almost flattened。In other words,In this industry,All the profits are basically eaten by themselves。
of course,For the fourth son of the capital,They are not too short-sighted,After all, they already have as many industries。
only,As Qin Feng said,That is a big cake,Even if you hold it in your hand,The strength of the family will develop instantly。
however,This must also have side effects。
Just like Zhang Qiang was a spider at the time,Maybe nobody said anything at first,After all, his share and strength are there。At the same time he can bring a lot of benefits to the family。
But this thing made him sink deeper and deeper,Till now,The entire Zhang family was given the name of treason。So if they really touched such a business,Once the jealous people all preach,In the end, they may also end up like Zhang Qiang。This is the price!