Yang Hao learned to cultivate alchemy in Linglingzi,Also, I learned the technique of refinery.,Jade realist teaches him a few days ago,Yuan Chenzi passed his Yuan Chen’s white bones。
Yang Wei collects the http://www.jhsfpx.cn length of everyone,Dan medicine,Available in Tianxian。
But the decay of the Bi Lingzi and others also reached an end.。
This is the fading of the flesh。
Pretty Bi Lingzi often,Now, even Xu Niang is still not on,Crane。
How much is Yuan Chenzi and others?。
But Yang Yu remembers the scene of the sea B real person.,Recall,Take it back,Passing to Yuan Chenzi。
Yuan Chenzi and others decided to avatally。
This is also an outway。
Subsequent,The burden of Yuxi Palace has fallen on the bodies of Yuxi, Yang Wei.。
Cosmic void,Wandering magic,A giant insect,It sees many corpse body pictures that have long,In a huge nest in a horrible。
Being inside is a dense giant giant。
Giant family,Also known as chaos,Anticipate。
They float in the universe,Drive against one of the world to survive。
When the http://www.sh-luyu.cn monster of the drifting universe appears in a giant inherent,Immediately attracted the attention of the mother’s nest。
Huge nest,A giant collective will gather thinking of thinking。
“So many corpse,It seems to be a corpse of immortality,Baby,Go to eat。”
The huge nest of the horror toward the immortal goddess。
But they are still very distant distance,About hundreds of thousands of years can they arrive。
That only found that the gaps of the gods were still closely monitored.。
Giant insects don’t know it close,I have awakened this god of death.。
God is also hungry。
NS181chapter Wake up and new harvest
Giant insects wake up with the gods,Honestly with the gods of the gods,Waiting for the chaotic insects of the mother to lead the giant poetry。
And it doesn’t know,A mysterious thinking entered its body,In the unconscious, he stole its memory.。
This is the gap between absolute strength and realm.。
Su Chen got a memory of giant insects,Know it and the same species he encounters the same kind,All“chaos”。
There are other insects in the void universe.,Even the existence of comparable。
Chaotic giant insective source of chaotic,Chaotic giant,Symnastics in the void universe is similar,Or the first gentle gas of the universe,Other things,Anyway, when it comes from the opening of the void universe.。
They are naturally laid,It can be said that it is the product。
Most wanders in the void universe,A insect nest has a mother。
From the memory of giant,Su Chen learned that this mother’s strength is about the three robbery level,In the void universe, it is a strong person.。
It has experienced eight hundred worlds in his life.。
It means that there are more than eight hundred worlds that are swallowed by its and insect nest.。
Eating is the instinct of insects,They will eat all the food meets,Hungry,Eat along with class。
In the memory of giant,There are also the anode examples of the gods of the gods in the universe.,But now this is rarely.。
For them,God is absolutely extremely delicious。
At this moment, the giant nest is coming toward Su Chen.。