A waitress walked in quickly,She has a booklet in her hand。Wang Youcai took a look,My boy,There are hundreds of bottles of liquor。Some even up to a thousand,Which red wine is even more afraid to look at,He also saw tens of thousands of。
It’s a shame not to order,If the order is expensive!This thing is delicious and may be digestible。As the saying goes,There is no free lunch under the sun。Wang Youcai knows,You must pay back the food。This reminder is not a fool,Will invite him to drink for no reason。
Wang Youcai hesitated,I don’t know what to do for a while。
Cuiying glanced at Wang Youcai,said laughingly:“Boss Wang, this is afraid that I will spend more money??I really know how to pity and cherish jade”
Cuiying said and laughed,I reached out and took the wine list in Wang Youcai’s hand。She just glanced,So I ordered two bottles of 680 yuan real Tibetan version of liquor。
Wang Youcai looked at Cuiying and ordered two bottles of liquor,I still trembled。To know,He is just half a catty,No matter how much it is, you may be fooled。
Point all points,Wang Youcai in front of two women,Can only hold on。All dishes are ready,The bottles are all opened。Huying told the waitress to leave,And closed the door firmly。
“From now on,We can’t call boss Wang anymore,It should be Mr. Wang。it’s here,I urge Ying to fine a cup first,I don’t know Taishan”Cuiying holding a wine glass,Chong Wang Youcai said with a smile。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“Urge manager!Where do you start?”
“Tell the truth,I just met Mr. Wang,I thought he was a small clinic。I didn’t expect to know through my friends recently。Mr. Wang turned out to be a big man in Pingdu,Not only has a strong social background,And also an invisible big boss”That’s all for Huying,Raise the wine glass and eat it all。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“I really can laugh when I urge the manager。My king is an honest man,Not as good as you said”
Cuiying poured a glass of wine for Wang Youcai and said:“Mr. Wang drank this glass of wine first,Let me tell you carefully?”
People in this world,I like to hear others say he is good。The same goes for Wang Youcai,Especially in front of two beautiful women,He wants to show himself even more。Such a good opportunity,How can he disagree。
“it is good!Urge manager,Then I drank this glass of wine”Wang Youcai said,So he raised his glass and ran away。I don’t know when,Which Xiao Li has sat tightly beside Wang Youcai。
This woman’s black skirt is even shorter,As soon as she sat down,The skirt comes naturally to the root of the thigh。She is wearing black stockings。Wang Youcai took a look,There is a wild impulse。
Xiao Li poured another glass of wine for Wang Youcai,Then smiled and said:“I really can’t tell that Mr. Wang is still a big man!”When this woman is talking,Flattery。
Wang Youcai reached out secretly,Patted Xiao Li’s thigh lightly and said:“Let’s listen to the manager first,If it’s bad,That’s for drinking”
Huh Ying laughed and said:“We always have an older brother who is a high official,Who is it,Let’s not talk about it。Let’s focus on our CEO Wang。Mr. Wang originally opened a mine,That’s Rijin Doujin’s business。Later he worked in Dongsheng Group”
“Now he is the executive manager of Dongsheng Group,The boss of the small clinic again。Will soon become the boss of the first private hospital in Pingdu,Isn’t this a big shot??Oh!In addition, Mr. Wang has a group of brothers who are social”