Zhang Linpeng, the Chinese-Syrian war list, is not on the list. Lippi “restarted” veteran Zheng Zhi?
At 10 o’clock tonight Beijing time, the fifth round of the National Football Team and Syria’s Top 40 will start in Dubai.The national football registration list released today by the AFC shows that the main defender Zhang Linpeng is listed again.Shortly after the start of the training session on November 12, Zhang Linpeng suddenly sat on the ground. After a brief exchange with the team doctor, he continued to complete the confrontation training.After checking by the local hospital, Zhang Linpeng sprained a part of the meniscus, but there was no damage to the ligament.The Air Force, the national football team’s main left back Li Lei, has recovered from the injury of his left leg muscles and has determined that he has missed the game.Now Zhang Linpeng’s suspected retreat has cast a shadow over the prospects of the national football team.If Zhang Linpeng is absent, this will be a blow to the national football team.Figure / Operation If Zhang Linpeng decides to withdraw, who will partner with Zhu Chenjie as the central defender is a challenge facing Lippi.At present, only Zheng Zheng and Yang Fan can play in the national football team, but Zheng Zheng may replace Li Lei as the left back, and Yang Fan, who was first selected for the national football, is slightly tender.Faced with a dilemma, Lippi “restart” veteran Zheng Zhi is not ruled out.Zheng Zhi has served as a central defender in the national team and club and is no stranger to this position.In the Air Force’s teaching game against FC Sharjah, Zheng Zhi appeared in the centre-back position in the first half.However, due to the temporary adjustment of the list before the start of the game, whether Zhang Linpeng will eventually play, the final list of the national football team shall prevail.