The high-ranking kinsmen hang their hands on the upper edge of the lower abdomen,The fingers are tied together in a strange way,Their mouths kept talking about something,Appears extremely focused,Sinna stands on one tip of the triangle。
The elders next to her are all the celebrities of the blood family hundreds of years ago,Some even became famous earlier than Feiyu,Unfathomable,They were awakened by Sinna long ago,Always recovering and adjusting,When Li Tianzhu and Dayan were killing the Quartet in Shan’ao,These elders didn’t make a move,Recovery is a secondary cause,The point is that the location of the Holy Blood Array has not been determined yet,Taking a bold move will reveal strength。
The fierce shelling has just passed,But from time to time there are still shells falling beside,Set off a huge wave and fire,Then the smoke billowed,None of these high-ranking blood races avoided,Let the shock wave raging,But the strange thing is,Flying shrapnel and rocks can’t hurt them,It’s not because these blood races have a high level of cultivation,Invulnerable,But there is an invisible barrier blocking these lethal objects。
On the periphery of this huge crater,There is a larger circle surrounded by blood,They are not standing there permanently,But bounce around,Sing vague vocabulary,I also ignore the cannonballs coming,But they don’t have the strength of those high-level blood races,I can’t offer an invisible protective barrier,A bad luck,Will be blown into pieces by the falling shells,If you are unlucky,One shell can solve several,Even a dozen unlucky ones。
But soon there will be new members filling up the vacancies of the left companions,Continue to dance and chant intoxicated,With this singing,Naturally, there is a breath of mountain whirring and tsunami gradually emerging,Overcoming the cannonballs roaring,Another explosion,It seems that the whole buried hill is dancing with it。
however,With a more imposing long roar sounded,This terrifying ceremony was interrupted,That was when Li Tianzhen’s first shoulder armor fell,Sinna’s drooping eyes suddenly opened,She is naturally familiar with this breath,Li Xiucheng, who has been fighting against the blood clan and making trouble, is so quick and vivid?
This is not a good sign,Although the strong blood clan gathers now,The Holy Blood Array will reappear,Still can’t take anything lightly,No wonder the crazy guy before was so unscrupulous,‘Bloodwalker’The elder is gone,It’s impossible to meet danger?
“I feel the power of evil,Could the guy outside be Li Xiucheng?”An old man asked with divine knowledge。
“Not bad,Remnants of the God Realm,Fighting with us endlessly for days。”
“Then,Why is he still alive?”The other old man’s tone was extremely aloof,In his cognition,Anyone who fights against the blood race never ends well,This remnant of the God Realm was actually alive for a few days with the tribe?How did Sinna and the so-called elders deal with it??
The dissatisfaction of the old man is obvious,Sinna, the high priest, couldn’t tell.,The other party’s seniority is much higher than her,And she did have sway and impropriety in her previous handling,indecisive,Li Xiucheng became a major problem。
“Lord God of the God Realm,It was never so easy to kill。”The old man who spoke earlier did not agree with the accusation against Sinna,And want to state a fact,Warn all tribesmen,At this critical moment,Any thought that underestimates the enemy is fatal。
They old guys have seen too many wars in history,The God Realm has always been the most dazzling world,As long as there is a war with the main god,Almost no defeat,The only main god who has been overshadowed by the heavenly powerhouses is Chen Xuanjin of Wuying Temple,But after a siege for three days, they didn’t finally kill the opponent,Let it escape,This led to the most famous‘Demon Hunter’,Because at that time the first person who designed Chen Xuanjin was Pan Mang of the Demon World。
The God Realm sent the main force of the Shenfeng Temple,A rare power with the Temple of War as the vanguard,The bloody storm that stirred up the world of heaven。
In the past wars of the gods,Rarely send the main god to fight,More often than not, only the Angel Legion of the Kamikaze Temple can fix a world.,Not to mention the two main gods sent out in one breath,The God Realm is so violent,Immediately caused an uproar,The worlds related to it among the heavens naturally unite to fight against,Because the goal of the God Realm is quite clear,Also very overbearing,All the gods and demons who participated in the design and framed Chen Xuanjin were executed.,This at least involves the six-party world headed by the demon world。
The speed of the collapse of the coalition forces in the six-party world is unimaginable,Only the team from the Temple of War broke half of the Devildom,The new generation of war god Li Xiucheng showed his extraordinary fighting talent,The main force of the Kamikaze Palace sweeps the other worlds,In the end, Pan Mang was beheaded by Li Xiucheng at Zhe Yinshan,Vigorous‘Demon Hunter’Called the most famous in the War of the Heavens,And the most tragic cross-border war。
Li Xiucheng didn’t just become famous with this battle,But this battle made him famous,Since then, the position of the main god has been truly established,Divinity shines on the heavens,It also made many big brothers remember the name of the new God of War。
The ghost world also participated in the‘Demon Hunter’,But the blood family did not go directly to the main force of the imposing god wind temple,To blame‘Demon Lord’,Kindreds never go to blame for others,Even after a fake game or two, he gave up the main channel,Drove the army of the gods straight into,Straight to Demon Abyss Lair。