“But why I always listen to something wrong,Are you saying I can pretend?”
“No,Elder Qi said this is Yin Ren。”
“He fart,I never bear it,Do whatever you want!”
“Then you used to hide in your big eyes……”
“I can take a breather?”
“Oh,No wonder I feel bored when I breathe in the free world,It’s better to have this vast and empty world。”
“Don’t you guys run on me with words,Just let it out,Just ask if you don’t understand,Don’t bend around。Tell you the truth,In the free world,I really can’t beat Li Tan,But he is helpless to me,Let me take a breath,Once you understand the low-level laws of this poor space,He can’t even touch my heel,Don’t say it’s him,What is the Holy Emperor?。”
“Correct,law,Speaking of this,I have said too much。”Big eyes finished,Really no words,But I was really proud。
The term rule is very new,At least there is no such concept in the world of magical techniques,The young man wonders if there will be records in the memory of the Holy Spirit,Must check afterwards。
Can wander in the void,It’s a dream that a teenager never can afford,Such a rare opportunity,He hopes to stay a little longer,Roam freely,Or travel quickly,Big eyes almost do whatever you want,No fear of void storms and various risks,In the free world, only Tianzun can do it。
Starry in the boundless darkness,This is the scene seen when a teenager was on the mainland,At that time, at a young age, he had the dream of a future trip to the Galaxy,But just a dream,Then came to the free world,This kind of starry night sky becomes very unreal。
“So where are we going now?”
“Take you to see a novel place discovered by Huo Tianzun。”
“Huo Tianzun?Is he there too?Can we meet him?”
“Not in。”The tone of the big eyes is very positive,“He should still be in the game that you destroyed,I’m afraid I won’t be able to get out in this life。”
The teenager was surprised,Suddenly it occurred to me that I was in the cottage of the Imperial Court,He first took away the two chess pieces on the chessboard,Later in the fight between Li Tan and Big Eyeball,Sudden aura bursts,Don’t say it’s a chessboard,Even the Caolu collapsed,But what happened when Huo Tianzun ran into the chessboard??