Such a godsend,How could Qiao Tianyu let it go easily?,Qiao Tianyu really wants to see what secrets the fake Cui Keying hides?
Without delay,Qiao Tianyu hurried back to the bedroom to look through the luggage brought by the fake Cui Keying。
as expected,By looking through her luggage,Qiao Tianyu also confirmed the authentication of the fake Cui Keying identity,There are too many clothes and items in her luggage that Qiao Tianyu has never seen before。
And Qiao Tianyu and Cui Keying are together“Cohabitation”For so long,What clothes and items does Cui Keying have?,I still know。
But although the fake Cui Keying is in the luggage“Unknown item”A lot,But there is not much useful information that can be directly provided,Qiao Tianyu rummaged for a long time,I didn’t find too much clear-pointing information。
Just when Qiao Tianyu was about to give up rummaging,A piece of paper the size of a business card suddenly floated out of a folded pants pocket,Qiao Tianyu quickly picked up the piece of paper and took a look。
I saw a piece of paper crookedly written with a location information,And that location is in Deluo City where Qiao Tianyu and the others are at the moment!
Finally found an important message,Qiao Tianyu won’t let it go,He hurriedly read it in his heart a few times,Keep the location information firmly in your mind,Then quickly put all the luggage from the fake Cui Keying back into place。
It’s a coincidence,Just when Qiao Tianyu put all the fake Cui Keying’s stuff back in place,Suddenly Qiao Tianyu left the phone in the living room“Squeak”Rang。
Qiao Tianyu hurriedly pretended to be okay and ran back to the room,Pick up the phone and take a look,Sure enough, Qiao Tianyu had been waiting for a long time“rabbit”!
Finally you are here!Qiao Tianyu couldn’t wait to answer the call。
“Hey,Prince,You finally called!”Qiao Tianyu said excitedly。
“Haha,Brother Joe,Your trick‘Knock on the mountain’Good time!how about it,Give face to man,How about going to the restaurant together?”Prince Sartu laughed on the phone。
“That is natural!That is natural!”Qiao Tianyu smiled and agreed,“Your prince has a call,Overjoyed,You say an address,I’ll go over!”
“Haha,no need,The car I arranged has arrived downstairs at your beach hotel,Even if you go downstairs。”Prince Sartu arranged very thoughtfully。
After putting down the phone,Qiao Tianyu first wrote down the location information he just got from the fake Cui Keying in the phone notebook,Then he quickly changed into clean clothes and went out。
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