78% probability of winning the first game in the NBA Finals, will the Warriors become Thunder or Spurs?
On June 5th, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors won the home game in the first game of the finals, and they have a good prospect of winning the championship.But LeBron James’ team is no stranger to the defeat of the finals. They have also had a comeback performance. Can the 1-0 leading Warriors hold the advantage and laugh until the end?According to statistics, the probability of the home team winning the championship after the first game of the finals is as high as 78%. This has happened 51 times in history. Among them, 40 teams that won the first game won the championship.The other 11 teams hated the finals.Judging from this data alone, the trend of the Finals is very beneficial to the Warriors.The Cavaliers also have a bad record in favor of the Warriors. That is, in the case of a playoff loss in the first game of the playoff series, the Cavaliers series have a total score of 1 win and 15 losses. They have only had one overturn performance, which is at least a badGrades.Coupled with Irving’s injury in the first battle, his situation is still unclear. James may once again produce a powerful helper. The balance of the finals slightly fell to the Warriors side.  Of course, in the face of opponents like James, the Warriors can’t be careless, because James is no stranger to losing the first game in the finals.In the 2014 finals against the Spurs, James’s Heat was a loss in the first game. This time they failed to achieve a turnaround and lost 1-4.However, in the 2013 Finals, the Heat lost the first game, but they have a home advantage. They defeated Ray Allen in the 6th game and recovered from a three-pointer. They eventually won the Spurs 4-3 and James was also elected as the total.Ultimate MVP.Coincidentally, in the 2012 finals against the Thunder, James’ team’s first game was also an away loss, but they successfully counterattacked, winning 4 consecutive games in a row to win the Thunder 4-1.  So, will this year’s Warriors hate the Finals like the Thunder in 2012, or will they win the championship like the Spurs in 2014?The Thunder at that time was still the second youngest Durant and Westbrook. Although James Harden was on the bench, they were still immature after all, and the Heat of that year experienced quite a lot after the baptism of the 2011 Finals.Mature, this is the first reason for the Heat to successfully turn over after losing the first game.  In 2014, the core strength of the Spurs was stable, and the depth of the replacement was sufficient. Coupled with Leonard’s outbreak and revenge psychology as a driving force, they successfully suppressed the Heat led by James.Looking at the Warriors this season, they are more similar to last year’s Spurs.Similar to the Thunder, the Warriors are led by two big stars Curry and Thompson, but they have enough helpers around them, like Green, Barnes, Iguodala, Barbosa, Bogut and others, they are in depthThe above can prove the beauty with the Spurs.Although this is the first time the Warriors have entered the finals, their coaching staff has extensive experience in the finals. Cole and Wharton have been regulars in the finals. They have also won the championship, so they can give playersThey are enough reminders to use their own experience to teach the players.In contrast, this year’s Cavaliers did not have the strength of the Heat before. Irving was injured. Except for James, they were again a reliable offensive point. JR-Smith and Sam Porter are not reliable points of contribution.It is to fully expose their depth problems, and they want to make a comeback without home advantage.  The Warriors of the Western Conference have experienced too many strong enemy tests, which makes them more mentally bearable. Coupled with the strength of the team and the desire for the finals, they can replicate the Spurs’ victory last year.(melody)