And he is in this character,I can’t think of being responsible.。
“Hey-hey,Scull,I just want to find Ling sister today.,I want to trade with Ling sister.。”
Originally, Zhao Xiaoli constantly wanted to create a chance to follow Li Hui’s wind.,Her heart is also uncomfortable。
Now, I suddenly heard that Li Hui said so.,She is also a glimpse。
“whats the matter?”
“Hey-hey,I want to ask you to go to Lianhua Village to help statistics.,The current development of Lianhua Village has been urgently needed with talents such as Ling Sister.。”
“And Ji Sister as long as it goes,So salary,At the same time, the location of the Finance Department is Ling Sister.,How about it?”
Li Hui’s face is looking forward to Zhao Xiaoling。
During this time,He also found a lot of places in many places.,Especially how much this is earned。
“Can,But you have to promise me a condition。”
Chapter 1,888 Difficult condition
What conditions?”
Li Hui Feng did not expect Zhao Xiaoling to have conditions.。
“Condition is very simple,That is, I promised my sister’s things quickly helped to solve it.。”
This exit,Zhao Xiaoli is a face of shame。
Although she has always thought,But by your own sister, I said it directly.,She is still embarrassed。
Li Hui said that this is also stunned.。
He didn’t expect Zhao Xiaoli to say this.。
But refreshment,Zhao Xiaoli is Zhao Xiaoling’s sister,And the feelings of the sisters have always been very good.,Every day, I can keep the secret to keep secrets.。
“Hey-hey,Ling Sister,I must do this.,But I haven’t prepared it yet.。”
“Then when did you prepare??
Give me a concrete time。”
When I said this,Zhao Xiaoling stared at Li Hui in his face。
Zhao Xiaoling stared so much,Li Hui Feng did not know how to answer。
“I’m very busy now,You also saw it,Especially if I have a lot of busy things.,If you really have to give that kind of thing to your sister.,I will be embarrassed in my heart.,At least now, I am not ready yet.!”
Li Hui Hui really wants to say that he is not too want to promise,Just think of Zhao Xiaoli’s tragic encounter,There is still some discussion behind some people behind,And Liu Daofu sighs the appearance of the sound every day.,He agreed out for the cause of sympathy.。
Otherwise, he does not agree.。
“Row,I can do it first.,But my sister, I hope to solve this year.,is it okay?”