And Li Rong, who left, was found to have a corner to stop.。
“Lee brother,Have you helped me again tonight and continue to monitor him one night.,I feel that he will definitely be actions tonight.,Insufficient evidence for us to pick up his。”
Li Kaishan looked at Liu Xianjian next to Li Hui。
Looking at the hot and spicy body of the opponent is tightly leaning on Li Hui’s arm,Can’t help but laugh at Li Hui:“Row,do not worry,You don’t have to call me tonight.,I can do this.,And no matter what happened tonight, I will not bother you.。”
Said that Li Kaishan quickly disappeared in the night。
And Li speaks this way, but it is a bit awkward.。
Willow,A pretty face red,But the body is not more attractive.。
“Forehead,Sweet sister,He may misunderstand,Don’t really be true,I definitely there will be no so many evil ideas.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Willow sweet:“It’s fine,Sister understand,But my sister is really hope that you have a little idea.,After all, my sister is really like you.。”
After tonight, Li Hui’s shot is saved.,Willow sweet heart feels completely integrated into a figure。
And this figure is Li Hui。
“Hey-hey,Sweet sister, you don’t have a joke.,I really want to think,When I was known by Chen Da Ge,I can’t eat me.?”
While talking,Li Hui also helped Liu Xujian to find a hotel in the town.。
“go,First go with my sister,My sister is slowly told you.。”
For willow sweet,People in the hotel are obviously understanding her.,After all, the telecom business hall on the town is one,And the hotel’s broadband is also telecommunications。
Seeing Liu Xu Sweet is so active to invite a youth,The opponent’s heart is also sighing Li Hui life.。
But he feels still to inform the Ti Tiger in advance.,After all, the people who have a sweet idea in this town can be a lot.,If it is not a tiger to let go,There may be more than a dozen people chasing the sweets.。
“Forehead,Would you like me first?,This big night,Some are not very good.。”
Hearing Liu Xu’s invitation,Li Hui’s first time is thinking back,After all, I will go to the building.,He really doesn’t know what to happen.。
According to the performance of the teamed sweetness,Will definitely take the initiative to happen what happened。
Although he doesn’t love each other,But facing a beautiful woman with willow sweet,I am afraid that it is hard to refuse as long as a man is.,What’s more, he is still a bloody young man.。
“Cobkeene,Is it afraid that my sister eats you?,And I have to tell you the question you just.,Let it go。”
Say,Willow sweetness,I took Li as the wind and went to the floor.。
There is no luxury in the hotel decoration.,It can only be said to be a midrangement,simple。
A circular bed is placed in the ten square meters.。
See this round bed,Li Hui, with Liu Xu, is a feeling of feeling the atmosphere in the room.。
After all, the round big bed is generally prepared for opening a house.,To say to sleep,I am afraid no one believe in it.。
“Forehead,Sweet sister,Do you want you to rest early?。”
Look at the look of Li Huiqi wants to leave,Liu Xu is directly pulled into the house directly,Then lock the door.。
“Do you feel that the sister is going to sleep like this tonight??”
While talking,Willow sweet is also slowly sitting on a white sheet of bed.。
Two legs wearing a meat stockings are directly stacked together,The black high heel is also exudes an abnormal gloss under the illumination of the light.。
“Come over,Talk with my sister,My sister doesn’t need your comfort.,My sister only needs you to listen to the story tonight.,Ok??”
Looking at the meaning of the god of Liu Xu’s eyes,Li Hui is also sought.,Some can’t bear to sit down。
As Li Hui’s sitting,Willow sweet in the eyes are also commended。
“You didn’t say that you really had to follow me.,Do you Chen Ge will pack you??”