Don’t talk about this obviously destroyed magic weapon,Even the enemy was trapped with this magic weapon。
“what happened?Is the grade of the magic weapon far surpassing mine‘Universe Bag’”
“of course,That mundane magic weapon,Want to take away my flying boat magic weapon,Even if it is completely broken。”A voice came。
“Who?!”The silver-haired boy’s face changed a lot,Sweep left and right,But didn’t see anyone。
But his eyes opened,Obviously God sweeps no one,But saw a figure walking in front of him step by step。
This is a seemingly ordinary figure,A little pale,Black hair,Shorter stature。Even on his chest,There is a faint wound squirming。
Next,The silver-haired boy felt a blank mind,When he wakes up again,But found myself standing blankly。
“just,what happened?”Xian Zhenren is at a loss,But the pupil shrinks,Hand flip,A porcelain bottle in the storage space appeared in the palm。
“Why suddenly there is such a porcelain bottle?”Xianzheng opened carefully,Sniffed,The color of surprise。
“This pill。。At least it’s an elixir that can only be obtained by Monk Crossing。”
“call,I’ve been looking for it for a long time,Finally found this common medicinal pill,It’s not easy。”
Dozens of miles away,Li Ming takes a pill,The elixir turned into a vitality,At the same time the power of life and death on the body operates,Constantly making the wound on his chest healed by the space crack。
Half a month ago,When he passes through the space vortex channel,Unfortunately, he was involved in a crack in time and space,After a struggle, I entered this world not long ago。
Where he is now,Is a chaotic world,Similar to the Three Realms。
Just landed,Physical mana drained,I was seriously injured,Even the magic weapon has lost more than half,Flying boat,Robe completely destroyed,More than half of the three thousand world beads were destroyed。
fortunately,The first he met,But a mundane practitioner。
Based on Li Ming’s mental achievements,Get memories from the minds of Yi Fansu practitioners,Simply a breeze。
“This world,Tianyuan Chaos World,To be more specific, it is an area about fifty thousand miles near Xuemiaozong。”
“This silver-haired boy,That’s it‘Big sect’An elite disciple of Xue Miaozong,So I know a lot。”