“People in us,Always try a try,We don’t have any losses!”
“How to try?”
“Good wine, good food,What will he give me what I want?,Let him go first.。”
“Then I will wait for the good news of Longchijun.!”Long Tuli Junkai said Mao Chuanxiu and of course,Anyway, people can’t run in the hands.。
Qi Rui Pai Tang Rui went to Wang Tianmu to get a clean and tidy room,The usage in the room is new,Also give a table of wine。
Chongqing Military Bureau
“Old four!Old six!Xiao Jiu asked me to grasp the people in the address of Wang Tianwu.,Do you say what he means?!”Wear a confused question,
“boss,What is the Japanese say??”
“Long Pool Museum of Town,In the Tianjin less than five days, I arrested one of the four killers of the military.!Each newspaper commended him.。”
Zheng Yao first thought about it.:“boss,Don’t let the old five contact him.,Ask what is going on!”
“If the old five is also folded??”Wear,
“boss,I absolutely believe in Xiaoxin,What is definitely something?!He went to Tianjin to say that it was for Wang Tianwu,Is it what he got in advance?,Besides, he just saved the old five。”
“Then you do what you said,Let the old five to find a little asking!”
“boss,Don’t you say that you don’t let the old five knew a little nine identity??”Xu Baichuan asked,
“Don’t you believe in the old five??”
“letter!Of course I’m of course!”
“Old six!Contact old five immediately,Let him quickly figure out what is going on。”
Zeng Ce has arrived in Beiping,I also heard that Wang Tianmu was arrested.,I am going to think about the rescue, I will receive the hexa Zheng Yao’s telegram.,I learned that my own long pooliness is the old six brothers, Xiao Jiuqi.,He is also quite unexpected,I didn’t expect the boss’s king agent to kill the gods.。
So Zeng Ce has returned to Tianjin alone.,He is secretly staring at Heilonghui Hall,Finally found opportunities on the third day。
Qi Rui, I will meet him in Jola Gate, I want to cooperate with him.,Zhuang Xiaoman hoarded a group of southern specialties,Just let her send it to Tianjin,Shen Xi Lin Xinran promised to pick this batch。
The two will leave after talking,When I was a happy door, I stuffed a note in his hand.,Rui Rui, I haven’t left the happy door.。
Mao Chuanxiu and every day will come to see Wang Tianwu,See him, you can eat it.,just ask:“Long pool,You plan to raise him so much.?”
“Mao Chuanjun,I have already thought about it.!”
“any solution?”
“as far as I know,Doubtful,Wang Tianwu is so important that people have been caught by us.,What do you say??”Rui Rui or plan to use Li Shunqun to deal with Wang Tianmu’s way to save people,
“Long Pool Jun is said that Dai will suspect that he is rebellious.?”
“Ten will think so,Not only that,Wearing people will send people to the Wang Tianwood,At that time, he walked without passing, you would not cooperate with us.?”
“But if you can’t wear it??”
“Let me think about considering it,We must let Dai Xingwang Tiantu cooperate with us.!”
“People like Wang Tianwu may probably only cooperate with us if there is only such a situation.,Long Pool Jun is a good plan,We do this!”Mao Chuanxiu and carefully thought that this plan was indeed。