“You now,I’m going to settle the cause and effect?”The black armored swordsman said with a smile。
When Li Ming passed these seven levels in the ancestral stage, the black armored swordsman once presented a treasure,And said,Until Li Ming steps into the world,When back here,A cause and effect。
To understand cause and effect,In fact, it was tested by the ancestor of Tianqiong,If you pass, you will become a disciple of the ancestor of Tianqiong。
If it fails,It’s also the end of this cause and effect。
“Not bad!”Li Ming nodded slightly。
“Make sure not to practice for some time?As long as a chaos era,Can accept the test!”
“Not waiting!”Li Ming said,He has absolute confidence in his own strength!
“it is good!”
The sword in the hands of the black armored swordsman flashed,Piercing Li Ming’s head straight。
But Li Ming is motionless,Because the sword light did not threaten him at all。
With the movement of Jianguang,The entire void has undergone earth-shaking changes。
The sword light is on Li Ming’s head,To form a strange point,Breath Li Ming’s mind into it。
When Li Ming recovered,But found myself in a completely unfamiliar space。
This space,It’s like a valley of birds and flowers。