Populus euphratica suddenly froze,Remind loudly:“Lao Zhou,Look above you,There is a snake。”
Lao Zhou raised his head slightly,Stretch one hand up,I pinched the snake head in an instant,Tore the snake off,Then he swung it hard。The long snake immediately softened,More than a meter long,Three fingers thick。
“what!good stuff!Weighs two or three catties,Go back and kill a chicken,Stewed in a pot。”
Wen Wenhao sees Hu’s face,I knew I was afraid of snakes。It’s rare to see that Brother Hu has something to fear,Can’t help but smile:“Don’t be afraid, Brother Hu,This snake eats mice,Not poisonous。”
Populus shook his head:“Poison is not the key,It makes you hairy,Don’t catch it。”
Wen Wenhao had to tell Lao Zhou:“Lao Zhou,Tie it outside first,Don’t bring it。”
Lao Zhou just walks back with the snake,Wah Tsai、Xiaowen、Sister Fang and others watched,Give way,It seems that Populus is not alone afraid of snakes。
“Snake,My scalp feels numb!”Hua Zi couldn’t help but say。
Wait for everyone to enter the cave,The phone lights are all on,Hu Yang just walked inside。This cave,It’s just a normal cave,Without any artificial traces,Naturally occurring。
“It’s not an ancient tomb,that’s nice。”Old Zhou happy。
If it’s an ancient tomb,Everyone wants to make some money here,That’s a bit difficult。
Walk a few meters inside,Everyone saw copper coins and the like,Lao Zhou has to pick it up again,See Wen Wenhao cursing in his heart:Unpromising!
Inside the cave,Still quite big,The light can’t reach the boundary。Xiaowen and Sister Fang as women,A little afraid of this environment,Hiding among everyone。
“Find out。”Wen Wenhao suggested。
Just finished,Sister Fang and Xiaowen started talking together:“do not,Ghost here,A little scary,Don’t go away!”