China will surely win the fight against the epidemic
In the interview with Chinese media on the 24th, the first deputy speaker of the lower house of the Thai Parliament, Sucha Chen Charlen, said that he believed China could win the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic with China’s strategic measures and efficient management.  Sucha Chen Charan said that when the Thai and Chinese family members are in trouble, the other side always empathizes and helps each other.In the fight against the epidemic by the Chinese government and people, he has always expressed support to China and sent confidence.Recently, he sent messages of condolences to the Chinese National People’s Congress, the State Council, the Ministry of International Affairs and other organizations and the Chinese people through relevant agencies.The Thai side expresses its admiration for China’s effective fight against the epidemic, attaches great importance to the positive achievements made in the prevention and control of the epidemic, firmly supports China’s efforts, and is full of confidence in China’s final victory over the epidemic.  Sucha Chen Charan believes that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese government has always put the people’s lives and health in the first place, and has decisively adopted a variety of prevention and control measures. The actions are rapid, vigorous, and broad., The severity of the measures is admirable.All circles in Thailand highly appreciate that China has always been transparent and open in responding to the epidemic, and has effectively controlled the spread of the epidemic.It is hoped that the Chinese people will be safe and healthy and will pass the epidemic period as soon as possible.At this difficult time, the Thai people will, as always, support China.  Sucha Chen Chalun said that the Thai-Chinese replacement is a close neighbor and close friend. After the Thai Parliament ‘s recess on February 天津夜网 29, he gradually led a visit to China in mid-March to promote divergent contacts and friendly cooperation between the parliament and various departments.And express support to the Chinese people.As a friendly neighbor of China, Thailand is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in all aspects and promote the further development of alternative traditional friendly relations.(Reporter Fu Zhigang)