that’s it,This reporter in the intersection of the intersection,Quickly turn your fire,Purnted to Qingdao deer。
The road in front of the public,This is emptied。
“hateful!asshole,What do you get away??You asked me what I was in the last new star war.?I think youXX,Ggo!”
The noise of the trouble is blocked in the security mouth of Qingdao deer.。
What she appeared is really,I took the fire on this side.,Seeing that people are still her high。
then,Koho shouted whistle,Stepping on a relaxed pace,Like Einstein, he left the scene.,Nuclear explosion after ignoring。
New professional stage,New life,And new chess bureau,Start。
I have been a season after writing a paper.
Unconsciously, I finished writing a volume.,Sprinkle,Sprinkle。
It’s hard to write a volume.,Probably there is probably before and after10Supreme edge,The next morning woke up, I changed it several times before the revision.,But I have been driven back by me.,Finally, the finished product seems to be unexpected.,Actually and the expected difference。
Originally, my original title is called seven.,End, the last wave of seven,But how to make a long time,I haven’t put the line to this.,Sorry direct singleboss。
Later, I changed the title into a chaotic dragon knight.,Dedicated to the last wave of five DragonFGD,It is necessary to pick up a chaotic dragon knight who is a green eye.,All5000Attack power,Who is afraid?。
But I took a long time,I found that I can’t do it too good effect.,So only five head shrinkage into three heads,I have three heads in our head into a head.。
So let’s see Costra Kitora.,Just still bonded to the era background。
It seems that this decision seems to have no problem.,Still merged with the metropus,Get congratulatory。
Have to clarify it again,I really want to write a relaxed daily day.,Write a mount similar to the copy,The protagonist slowly climbed in the society.,I really didn’t want to write。
I don’t know what happened.,Why did he have a dragon in this volume?,Follow this momentum,I still want to be Dragon.。
One sentence,This is a pot of role,Not my pot!
Since I have told three rolls of dragons,That simply treats the Dragon as a traditional.,When it is done, I have a good sprite.!
I am also the same person in this book.!
so far,already50Worthwhile,Although I said before, there may be100Million words,But according to this progress,Maybe the final word will be fixed120130Ten thousand characters。
Although this length is very short,But it is my favorite length.,Can tell the story clearly with the most efficient words,Before you have disappeared with your book’s creation,Write the book with the best state this is my way!!!
Then you can open the next.!
The next plot should be relatively clear, it will be clearly clear.,Also write a lot,In fact, this book is just when it is just opened.,There is no setting at all.,Two settings,Special effects,Symbolize spirit。
The burst is my temporary.。
The fortune is temporary to it again.,Take a flower5Unlike the code。
But now it seems,The settings of these brains will be my success password.。
The framework is basically good,I have pushed the past.,I should be very easy.?