“Yunjie,You are not hurt.?
How do you feel now?
Also feel uncomfortable body??”
Li Hui said with the wind and said that he quickly helped each other.,Just when he handed in the opposite arm, he felt that Xu Ru is tense.,It’s not for him.。
“Um,much better,I will go to the clothes first.,You go to the living room to sit.。”
Somehow,Xu Ruzhen felt in Li Hui Hui to help her instant,Her mind is the bridge in the idol drama,The more I want,She is, the more I don’t dare to continue thinking down.。
After listening to Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui is also going out quickly.。
Looking at the simple look in the living room,Elegant and unloose high-end feelings,It’s just a crush sword that is placed in that corner but let him frowned.。
Xu Ruzhen opened the wardrobe,I directly found a hanging dress。
If she still has some hesitant, she is too big to follow, the gap with the wind.,If you really have a little emotion, you are not good.。
But now she is in my heart, there is no kind of feeling.,Because she feels that she is a 20th girl when she just took the mirror.。
When Ru Wei appeared in front of Li Hui,Although it is already prepared,Li Hui is still the body of Xu Ru,skin,The appearance gives stunned。
A snow-white suspender dress is just the benefits of the package to live in the perfect body,Very smooth and shoulders are completely unmedies in front of him.。
Deep clam with the high neck,Xu Ruzhen is like the arrogant swan.,Slowly coming out。
Although the feet are just simple wearing a pair of flops,But the jade is already kills everything.。
There is no longer a cyan blood vessel presentation,But the snow is unfair。
Rose red nail is more demonstrating a different attractive charm。
Xu Ruzhen naturally saw that Li Hui’s eyes were surprised.,warm “breeze,Do you want my sister??”
“beautiful,Yunjie is now simply too beautiful.,I can’t use beauty in the future.,At the very least, you should use this word.。”
I heard that Li Hui praised himself so,Xu Ruzhen smiled more happy。
“breeze,What is your medicine you give me??
How can it be so magical?,Do you have anything??”
“Forehead,there is none left,This medicine is hard to get,Because I want to use a centuries,Hundreds of years can only extract a few drops,So, Yunjie, you only have one thing.。”
Originally, Xu Ruzhen also thought about it again.,Maybe it will be more beautiful,But listening to Li Hui’s words,She also gave up this idea.。
“breeze,Do you know that my sister will change?,And will change the beauty?”
Xu Ruzhen now this look,She suddenly remembered that Li Hui Feng said that she will go home to sleep. The next day will be beautiful.。
“Hey-hey,Think of thinking,Just didn’t think that the efficacy is too strong,Almost let Yunjie can’t get up,It is good to go now.。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng saw the other party to enter the house and took out a bank card to handed him.。
“Yunjie,what do you mean?”
“The price of a hundred years of ginseng is not estimated.,And you let your sister become so beautiful,My sister is buying how much cosmetics can’t change it.,So this is a little bit of money is a sister’s mind.。”
“Forehead,Yunjie,You still put the money.,I have already told you before.,More than 10,000,And this time, I am compensated for Yunjie.。”
Li Hui Feng directly refused the bank card of the other party’s hand。
This is the so that Lee is like this.,But the more I am full of gratitude in Xu Ruzhen.,Moving,Even her have a kind of to take the initiative to pursue Li with the wind.,See how this is a treasure boy。
“Well,Since you don’t want money,What is the sister likes??”
Chapter 98, Yinyang
Looking at Xu Ruzhen’s might,And the smile of the soul,Li Hui Feng does not help but feel a fire to burn。