In addition to the gold wheel、Shenlong Holy Women also has Yin Kexi,Other people are all“blow”East,From time to time, someone can not maintain!
There is no low in the field,At least three streams,It is not difficult to stabilize your body in the wind.,But once“wind”Medium breath scatter shelf,Will be back、Even it is blown directly、Fall from the cliff!
I want to avoid it more.——The surrounding is a cliff,To use a light power,Will only be more stable。
Sitial people only see Chu Deirers to launch,Suddenly countless power blooms,It’s actually a master,“blow”I have to fall down the cliff!
certainly,Chu Deirers are only used for multi-selling.,Not only the range is not well controlled,And the enemy is not divided——This is why Chu Deirers prefer to make fraud,Also rescue Guo Wei’s reasons。
And the power is progressive,The same as the wind of the wind in the sea,although“urgent”,But there is always an enhanced process。
The chaos of the Chu Deirers,Take a few points“Unmistive”、“French sky”Shelf,Will be self-expand、Disorderless self-evolution,Therefore, it will become stronger and stronger.,That is, the actual effect is higher than the output of Chu Deirers.。
If it is not here,The other party is definitely evaded。
certainly,Ignore,The effect of the monomer is definitely not as good as the Chu Dee people personally。
Now now……In addition to the gold wheel,Even if Yin Kexi,Also held his peart treasure、Golden dragon whip with various gems,Strongly facing the rain of Chu Dean!
Even if it is the impact of the golden wheel,Can always take two disciples,Only passive parliament in one time。
And Shenlong San Daughter sat in many gods in many gods.,Bounce with strings——More than a dozen white disciples,At this time, three three or two,Interlaced with palm to stay in the vest,In the end, the two people arrived at the saint,Obviously it is in an internal force!
Ustricity of this instilled internal force,Up to the group,After all, people are not dry batteries.,It is impossible to add together.。
But watching the god of the gods.,It seems to use the real gas that is infused with the disciples behind,Can help you play“Tianlong Eight Sound”?
The Chu Deirers are unknown,But I think of the martial arts of Shenlong,Can be used for a certain method,Put the skills of the priest,Most of the half is taught to the successor,Can see the gods,It should be very concerned“Homology”This section。
Because Chu Deirers’ rolling,Mixed all kinds,The piano is coming back,Come in the verge of everyone,It seems blurred,Almost no effect。
But the piano of the saint,But the Chu Deirers“Wonderful”,Blocking outside the table!
And more than a dozen people like one,Do not imagine the same as those of other unlucky eggs,Directly。
“help me、help me!If the evil woman controls the venue,It will definitely with you to collude with me.!”Gong Sun has taken care of the injury on his eyes.,Left knife right sword,Bissed、Foots continue to slip。
It seems like it is in the wind,Enemies with several visits in battle……
If it is not just the god of the dragon, the saints have been unlocked.,I am afraid that it has fallen。
The King of the Golden Wheel is not allowed to take care of him.——I have fallen a lot of my affair.……He is behind the number of roads.,Not good at insurance,Can keep two pro-disciples are already the limit。
Shenlong Holy Daughter horing him at this time,Then I slammed the Tiaoqin in front of it.!
I saw that the Tiandoqin just flew up.,Speed rotation,But but listening to the piano unrest——Standing with Chu Deirers“Grave”Almost skill,Just the song of Chu Deirers,You can stay in the four sides with sound,And the god dragon holy woman is in the piano at this time.。
Tiandian,Its self-rolling sound,Disciple from Shenlong,She is blocked by the Gong Sun.,Do not fly,But white is fluttering“Wonderful”Zhongshi Tour,As if dance in dance,After close, grabbed the gossites。
Then the sleeve,Shenlong Holy Woman uses white sleeves to live in Sonata,At the same time, delicate:“rise!”
Dragon’s disciple,Continue to have a toe with each other,then“Tianlong Eight Sound”Cover,Leap out,With the sacred daughter to fly“Wonderful”Range。
That is,Not only is injured,And the breath is unstable,Fallily fell,Immediately stopped the golden fishing net array。
“Go out,I will give you the master of Gongsun.!”Shenlong Saint Found。
Said that I still won the blade of Gong Sun,The anti-Hand standing on his neck。
Fan Yen and others really……
“Do not!Take me together!”Gong Sun is busy。