“Has reached a strategic agreement,This is a good result for us,Will be better in the future!”
When everyone is embarrassed,Ling Yun stood up,Said with a smile to Xiang Chen,Divert the topic just now。
The breath of being poisoned is hard to swallow,But compared with rejuvenating Ling’s family,Nothing,Nothing can’t bear。
Interrupted by Lingyun,Naturally someone else will pick up the topic,The atmosphere between a group of people is not too embarrassing。
“You account for me,I’m done,Fortunately, I didn’t shame you,Some future losses caused,Should be acceptable!I returned the company to Xiangyang and Lingyun。”
Bai Lu walked to Xiang Chen’s side,The voice is a bit tired,Also a bit arrogant。
Li Tianzi silently looked at Bai Lu’s back in the crowd,First missed,And then pulled back a city,Such a situation,Bai Lu, Shang Hai Xiaobai, only took less than ten days,How terrible is her future,Li Tianzi only discovered that Zheng Weiwei’s eyes had not been removed from Bai Lu’s body.,You can guess。
“Worked hard!”
Xiang Chen gently embraced Bai Lu,In the public,Bai Lu didn’t refuse for the first time。
In full view,Bai Lu let Xiang Chen put her arms around her shoulders,To be so,Bai Lu still feels wronged。
“Not perfect,But it’s also complete,Xiang Chen,I remember your name!I hope you can come to Beijing when you are free!”
Zhou Ziyi reaches out,But what about the future,Today is over,The gesture of ending is still necessary。
Xiang Chen frowned,But also reached out,Shook hands with Zhou Ziyi。
Smile,What else do you want to say to Xiang Chen,But Zhou Ziyi felt a sudden pain in his butt。
With the last experience,No need to check this time,Zhou Ziyi also knows what Xiang Chen did to him。