But if you meet other people for rescue,I don’t know how long it can last。
Of course these are not important,After all, Qin Feng’s entry into the Golden Triangle region this time is still not going to the core area.,Just to deal with the nine-day player who was rescued by the second team。
“Do you really just go over like this?”Mu Shan couldn’t help but speak when he saw that the four people had assembled in the car and were ready to set off.。
“Is there anything else Commander Mu has to order??”Qin Feng asked。
Mu Shan shook his head,“Although I knew a long time ago that you may have private arms on the Golden Triangle,But before listening to you,Your team has grown to thousands of people。I wonder if your team can help?After all, my regiment can’t be connected。If possible,Help out!”
Mu Shan also knows that there is little possibility for Qin Feng to join the battle in the core battlefield with thousands of people.。
So I can only take the second place
,Let Qin Feng support。
Qin Feng said,“If i guess right,Your team should enter the core battlefield。Only there is the signal cut off,Calling after all,The power station has been blasted many times a long time ago。We don’t mean to enter the main battlefield for now,But if it’s a backup,It should still be possible to bring the wounded from the core battlefield back to rescue or transport。”
“Ugh,Do your best!”Mu Shan is no longer wordy。After all, he also knew that Qin Feng went this time because of a nine-day special fighter.,Hope to save it。
After all, in the special forces,Nine days is the facade。
And the members of the nine days,Everyone can be alone!Even like to act alone,It’s just that the other members of Jiutian are not as famous as Chu Xiao,So not many people can remember other people’s names。
“set off!”