“Dragon hunting is not scary,He is just a surface,What is really scary is the Denglong Tianyuan behind him!”
Speaking of Denglong Tianyuan,There is also a strong dignity in Bai Ting’s eyes,He is stronger than his own vibrating,I can’t even look up to myself。
“okay,You go in and rest,The game has to wait”
Fuming and Meiling nodded slightly,Turned and walked in。
“metropolitan,I think it’s still a bit risky,In case something happens to him here,we.
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Three
Chen Chen’s mouth rises slightly,He doesn’t care about everything in the field,Just by your own means,No matter if you are upright or insidious。
“Baiting,You guys are the ones who cheer up?”
Everyone looked at the silent white pavilion。
Bai Ting nodded slightly。
“Move so freely,Don’t you give him anything??”