The small red fire dragon is only the size of an arm,Yan Xiao has never seen this,But Brahma and seen,If it’s a teenager‘Lieyang Jinzhu’The fire that burned lacks spiritual support,Unable to play the terrifying power of Skyfire,This fire dragon is different,A reminder,Suddenly he cares about others,The little fire dragon’s thick sputum has been spit in front of Yan Xiao。
Yan Xiao had just suffered from a teenager,Will never be fooled again,So try to avoid,Don’t use gold mace,I don’t know this little dragon is addicted,Here comes the second bite again,Yan Xiao hold back his anger and hide,But unexpectedly this time I was really fooled,Hurriedly twisted,Just hit a faint blue flame,This flame appeared too suddenly,Ignite Yan Xiao’s clothes instantly。
“Netherfire!”There was an exclamation deep in the sky,Brahma and he did not hold back and appeared again,He knew that the holy flame was in Li Tan’s hands,How suddenly he returned to the boy’s hands?This is the real torch,And his‘Brahma clear water’Can’t extinguish the flame,To save Yan Xiao’s life,Don’t pretend to be unpredictable。
Stretched out a big hand in midair,Picking up Yan Xiao, who was already covered with blue fire, to Volley,The big hand suddenly gave birth to countless emerald green branches and began to absorb the blue flame,Some have been burnt and withered,But there are more verdant branches growing,Keep absorbing the fire,Withered and grow again,It took a long time to be worthy of this‘Netherfire’To thoroughly purify,And Yan Xiao is dying after being burned,Only half life left。
“Shameless child!”Brahma and rage,A very fierce face appeared in the sky,Especially a pair of black eyes,Give people a mysterious and terrible sense of fear,“With some strange treasures in your hands, you dare to act recklessly,Murder the imperial court officer,If Fan Mou doesn’t take your life today,How to explain to the holy emperor?”
Brahma and his anger actually revealed the truth of the Fa,The god soldiers and gods surrounded by him immediately hulled and knelt,Qi Hu,“Meet Lord Tianzun!”
“Save it,Holy Emperor can’t come back,You don’t know,Who are you scaring?”The boy actually had the intention to escape,It’s just that no matter which direction you move,Always feel uncomfortable,The whole body has been stared firmly by the eyes of the sky。
but,The boy said this,All the gods and soldiers present were in an uproar,Although most people feel that the teenager is spreading rumors,But some people think it’s not groundless,Otherwise, how could the people of Five Elements Island be so arrogant?
“Nonsense!”The words of Brahma and peace just fell,Then there was a bucket of thick lightning struck down in the air,The young man couldn’t move his steps under those eyes,I feel rooted under my feet,Difficult to lift,If he still has spiritual power,Maybe you can win,But at this moment can only be slaughtered。
Seeing lightning strikes the boy’s head,But suddenly turned sideways,With a bang on the cliff beside the boy,Large pieces of rubble roll down,The steep and glorious cliff face was abruptly cut into a big deep hole。
“who?!”Brahma’s perception ability far exceeds that of everyone present,The sudden appearance of a force can actually twist his condensed lightning,Actually not much power,Didn’t even cause abnormal fluctuations in the surrounding breath,But it implies complex traction,Just take it easy at the critical timing and location。
Simple to say,Actually it’s really difficult,At the very least, we must first understand the attributes of Brahma and the original power contained in this lightning.,Secondly, there must be amazing insight and judgment,The speed of lightning,Even Tianzun can hardly catch up and catch,So start with Brahma and Condensed Lightning,All his follow-up methods have been determined by the opponent,Almost at the same time,It’s impossible to be so successful if you miss a bit。
The opponent is hiding nearby,And from exerting force to hiding again,Barely show any trace,This is the brightest place,Brahma and realized that the opponent is finally here,Screamed out immediately,“Exotic Evil,You are here,Planted out!”