Chapter Two Hundred and Forty One Dead fish
Li Tianchou finally arrived at three o’clock in the afternoon with a lot of effortSZcity,I broke Zhang Wen’s motorcycle in the meantime,I couldn’t take care of that much,Threw it on the side of the road。But the connection with the instructor Mijia went smoothly,The two met quickly。
The conversation is brief,Not as excited as he thought。Just talking about Zhang Zhiqiang’s situation,The instructor said a few extra words,Although just a few sentences,But Li Tianchou’s impression of Zhang Zhiqiang changed from a vague outline to a clearly visible line.。
What are the detailed things to do next,The instructor asked him to wait for notice。Before leaving,The instructor changed his contact information。This made Li Tianchou unexpected,According to Uncle Geng,This means the instructor recognized him,It also means that the direct contact between Uncle Geng and the instructor has ended.。
Completed the first task so easily,Li Tianchou can’t be happy,Because he doesn’t know what impact this result will have on Uncle Geng,But he always feels bad。
Then we will rush to Fukuyama non-stop to meet Zhu Lei and others,Relatively tight time,Because everyone’s overall action against Sun Guaizi was around 8 o’clock that night。Li Tianchou never understood,At this juncture,Why did Uncle Geng ask him to meet the instructor so urgently?,And so anxious to know whether the instructor approved the result,Can’t his condition be delayed??
Li Tianchou thinks of the moment he left Uncle Geng’s room in the morning,I’ve never felt better,There is always a shadow over my heart,To no avail。He secretly decided,After the action at night is over,No matter what the situation, he must return to the mountain immediately,As for the third task assigned by Uncle Geng, I can only let go of it first。
At three o’clock in the afternoon,In a villa in Dongjiao Mountain Villa,The antique decoration of the huge living room,Zhang Zhiqiang is sitting in the Grand Master’s chair listening to the Guqin performance,His eyes are slightly closed,Enjoy。《Pingsha Luoyan》It’s over,Melody,Continuous,He shook his head intoxicated。
Ah Hao has been standing quietly at the door of the living room for a while,He is not like Tang Shiming who can accompany Zhang Zhiqiang to appreciate the so-called classical art,But I also know that I must not disturb Big Brother at this time, But I was really anxious。
The song ended easily,Ahao immediately walked over gently,Stand still two or three meters away from Zhang Zhiqiang,“brother,Time is almost up,Tell you。”